Wednesday, December 22, 2010

would you do it?

            I've always liked when people can connect other passages from the Bible with Christmas. At first sight, there's nothing there about a manger, baby Jesus, angels and so on. And then, at the second look, there's everything about Jesus and His birthday. Last Sunday was one of these kinds of sermons. The pastor talked about the rights Jesus has disclaimed to come here, among us, have nothing and redound us. If you stay 2 minutes to think, it might change your life. So, He, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, He had everything, and I mean it, He had power, He didn't own 3 houses... He own the Universe. Can you imagine that? Then, think about this: He came on earth, with nothing. Even the manger he was put in, wasn't his. Then, He grew up and you know the rest of the story. If you look close enough, you'll realize all His life He owned nothing. Now, my question is: "would you do it?". If you were Jesus, would you have done it?
          Christmas is about learning to be unselfish. Christmas is a miracle. Think about it: a virgin gives birth to a little boy, puts it in a manger. Shepherds seeing angels, and they were singing. Three wise-men following a star. Then, Herod kills lots of babies, but the only one who he wanted dead, is alive. And how Mary and Joseph got to go to Bethlehem, so Jesus would be born there.
          Let's spread around the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.

Friday, December 17, 2010

winter colds no more

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          As a woman, I like to take care of myself. Especially now, in the winter when it's cold. So, for you, my ladies, i prepared some homemade beauty tips, in order to help you have some fun while getting prettier. 
         It's been said a lot of stuff about coffee... good and bad. I just found out coffee can be your ally when it comes to cellulite. Here's how: 
         * revigorant and exfoliant facial mask:
     Mix 1/4 cup of grounds from when you made coffee with one yolk of an egg. Apply on the face and wait for it to dry. Rinse with warm water.
         * for your hair:
       Make a really strong coffee (e.g. espresso), put some drops of olive oil and some drops of perfume in it. Wait to cool off. Put it on your dry hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well.
         * anti - cellulite lotion:
     Mix the grounds left from two coffee cups, with paprika cut very small and some olive oil. Put the mixture on the problem zones, wrap around with plastic foil. After 10-15 minutes rinse.
        For the dark circles under the eyes, wrap a grated raw potato in a cloth, and apply on your lids for 15-20 minutes. Wipe off the residue and then apply eye cream.
        To keep your legs beautiful, take 1 cup Lemon Juice, Cinnamon (for smell), 2 tablespoons (or less) olive oil, 1/4 cup of milk, and water you can make a wash that leaves skin refreshed and fragrant (the amount of water does not matter). Put it in a tub where you can soak your feet or your body. Next dry your feet or rinse them with water and mild soap.
        You love your hands, right? You can mix sugar and lemon juice. Rub it on palms till sugar dissolves. Wash with cold water, and you'll have soft hands again.
         There are plenty tips for your beauty, you just need to moisturize your skin enough and be gentle with it.
         Last but not least, don't forget to enjoy the holidays! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas spirit...

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         Every year, there is a cycle we respect so much that we think it is normal to be that way and if something changes, all our world goes crazy in seconds. We think we are revolutionary because once a year we go and help those in need. Or because we went caroling for 3 whole nights (excuse me, American buddies, for you caroling means 4 houses ?... Here, we go caroling from 9pm to 5-6 in the morning. That's awesome, believe me!!). Or because we thought of a poor child and we filled up a shoe box with some goodies. I might sound too harsh, my dears, but you know what? I'm getting fed up with all these stories. They are nice, right?... To visit some kids in an orphanage, or go shopping with an old lady, or just spend a day with somebody who's lonely. Cute things that melt our hearts and make us feel better if we do them. I'm not saying it's wrong to do them. Not at all!! It's just this Christmas spirit that suddenly changes us, even if we don't believe there is a God, and even if we think the "Jesus story" is just another fairy tale. I mean, what's about this time of year that turns even the most malefic human being in the best citizen? Just on December. Maybe half-way thru January. And then, everything is forgotten. 
         I listen carols at least 2-3 times in a year. Of course, the whole Christmas time, and then, during the summer. Anybody who hears that looks at me like I'm a weirdo.... and I have no idea what they can think (probably something like: "poor girl, she thinks Santa comes each time you listen carols.." - just kidding). The truth is, if I would have to answer why I listen carols on summer, I'm not sure. Maybe the spirit they put in me... the joy they spread.. the peace, the hope, the remembrance of Jesus' birth... How do you think it would be if the Christmas spirit would surround us all year? A better world, right? And, honestly, who doesn't want a better world? If not for yourself, I'm sure for you kids (and here's another subject about kids and the society..). 
          So, I agree with Christmas spirit: carols, gifts, Santas around the city, more smiles, snow, Jesus in a manger, the shepherds, the wise-men, and so on. But I still hope one day, Christmas spirit wouldn't leave us the next day after Christmas. I still hope for a Christmas spirit all year round.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

romanian day...

              For couple of days, everything becomes Romanian. And lovely. Romanian and lovely. Odd, but true, everyone is a patriot. Even for a day each year. All Romanian world around sing from the bottom of their hearts the National Hymn, cry and miss their country even if they're home. For one day, everything is about Alba Iulia, about what have been and what's left. On a cold cold day, nobody care about the weather, and everyone is fascinated with the parade. The ( not so ) big people of Romania go in front of thousands of people and tell their speeches with so much passion, then we all sing all kind of patriotic songs, and cry again. We go home, impressed and deeply touched. Splendid day. When Romania became Romania. Such a pity (that) Romania doesn't really exist anymore. After this day, when all are in love with their country ( president, politicians, military, doctors, kids, moms, dads, teachers, brothers, sisters, even the homeless guys), everybody takes its usual course. Nobody cares about anything else than "what can I do for me?". 
I wish that the Romanians would never stop being Romanians. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"how do you..?" series

             Have you ever wondered what would you be without all the support you've got in your life from anybody around you? From the sweet cashier girl that told you sincerely what a good choice you took with that pale pink button up, or from that super nice talk from your boss? From the ones we barely notice to the ones we hope for and to the ones we need like a breath of fresh air. It gives you so much self-respect and self-confidence knowing others encourage what you think, you do, you chose. Receiving is easy-peasy, right?
            I'm just curious how you react when it comes your turn to support somebody. Anybody. Piece of cake? Not anymore, huh? Well, recently I've come around this problem, too. When Hubby came home from Germany, and he told me the boss from there is expecting him to go there again, next week, for another 4-5 days. I burst intro tears: "but, you've just been there for a WHOLE WEEK!!". Poor guy. Now I realize it's not easy for him, either, and he doesn't wish to be always away. After crying like half hour, I thought I could support him. Oh, man, was that hard!! And that's just a small example...
          How often do you say: "good job!" or " I know you can do it!"? Cliches? Yeah, maybe, but sometimes, a cliche, a pat on a shoulder, a smile, or even just a look could be more than enough.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a house or a home?

      Houses are part of our lives since forever. Building a new house, is easy nowadays with this super modern technology, but I'm wondering how hard it is to really build a home. The guys from Ryan Homes came with the answer: "We believe that the most important element of your home is you", and for the last 60 years they've built exceptional homes in 23 metropolitan areas. And they are still doing it, if you're interested in buying a home. They started in as a small, family-run business in Pittsburgh, but they easily got in the top 5 builders in the US.
       If you wanna skip really fast the steps from this  
to this
you just need to know about the new homes in Virginia or  if you don't live in Virginia, just the homes for sale that are in 13 of the eastern states New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia).
         I think all houses are pretty, but the homes built by Ryan Homes make you feel the warmth, coziness and privacy of a real home.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a note for you

           I wanna thank you for:
  • holding me in your arms when we sleep;
  • the surprises you made me yesterday;
  • taking me out for a walk and then to the movies - it was a great time;
  • treating me like a queen;
  • the face you made when you saw my new haircut ( it was speechless, awesome and great - I could write a whole story out of that look);
  • the sweet, tender and strong, protecting hugs you give me;
  • telling me which of my clothes you like;
  • bringing me chocolate and Harribo (you know what I like..);
  • being there for me.
                   Love, Wifey

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fight against what ?

           There are some terms in our daily life that at some point, we just take 'em just the way they are, without thinking too much of anything. Starting with light, water, going further to people, relationships, and to kindness, love, share. One of the concepts that it is as old as the Earth itself, is the family. Even though people along the history understood it differently, and they still understand it more or less, almost everybody gets hitched at some point in their lives. Did you know, in 1999, 2 million 300 thousands people got married only in the USA(according to National Center for Health Statistics - Sept 6th, 2000). That means over one million weddings in one year in just one country. Have you ever wondered why marriage is so common? Marriage provides us with the great opportunity to connect with someone else in a way you never do with anyone else. The family is the place where you can be yourself. Although the latin origin of the word itself means "slave house"( - famulus), and the family was the property of man, over time, the word got another meanings. And despite the fact that Lewis Henry Morgan identified only in 1871 the Eskimo kinship (- this was happening just 139 years ago, btw) - what we call today "family tree", the family has always had a very important role in the society. 
            Today, marriage is sacred, and considered a blessing. A way for God to show us His love. And how to love. Nowadays, the man does not own the wife, children, properties, like in the past. The two are equal. Still the social and biological functions of the family, are quite the same. We can see whenever we turn our heads the sequel of the biological function: the sweet little children we can't help but smile when we see one... The social function is a little more complex. Parents need to form their children, and teach them how to accommodate to the society, and still other few functions like the juridic one, the religious one, and the economic one.
            "The family is considered to encourage intimacylove and trust where individuals may escape the competition of dehumanizing forces in modern society." - I read couple of days ago on the internet. And we like it or not, but it's true... or, at least, it should be. Unfortunately, the modern society, is a thief. It stoles from us what we need like a breath of fresh air: the time we have to spend in family. Nowadays, father works, mother works. At least 8 hours/day. And then, they go to a part-time job so they can afford not to buy a palace, but to pay their monthly bills and the food they need. That's when they both have a job (and that's something!). Very often the head of the house has to spend more than 2-3 days out of town (or even country) because he's in a 'business trip'. And then, we are wondering why the family is not that warmth place where you can come anytime with anything. And, we wonder what didn't work when we hear about another divorce. Maybe it's not fair to blame it on the society, you say, but hey, didn't the modern society (and technology) make us run everyday like in a horse race? Actually, I don't try to put the blame on somebody's or something's back. I just want to show you, guys, the family's task (to protect against the outside world) is undermined by our new society we invented (and call it modern), because, slowly, the school, the job, the society becomes our family, and we get to spend more time anywhere else but home, with family. 
So, what's to be done?
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

rainy day

              Fall rainy day ... feelings are always the same, over and over again. I've never been a fan of autumn, and today definitely is one of "those" days. No sun for three days (for me it's like forever), puddles everywhere, so dark outside (even though it's just noon), hurried people walking down the street with black umbrellas, and the noise of the cars going thru rain... all of these for me are just another reason to just wish to be Spring forever. It's that lonely feeling you get in these days.
             On a brighter note, Christmas is coming. I can't wait to start hearing carols in every store I get in. Carols are my favorite part of Christmas. And, of course, the most important, that Jesus was born. I'll share with you some more Christmas feelings later. Now, I just need to face the real life with good, and bad. Have a great week!

Monday, November 8, 2010

"how do you..?" series

                 Lately I've had some pretty interesting in my head. How does competition interact with friendship, when it's good and when it's bad for friendship and how do they coexist together?... Or, is it possible for them to coexist? When I was younger, I've seen some examples of competitive friendship, where one person says: "Wow, I got a B on that really hard math test!" and the other one starts: "Oh, that's great, but check this out: I was at the gym last night and this guy came along and asked me if I wanna be in a show!". This is just an example, and of course, is taken to limits. Still, I think those people who treat friendship like that, they have some amigos, not real friends. You know what I call a real friend? Couple days ago, talking with my bff on YMessenger, I told her I was thinking to write something about competition and friendship. Her answer, you ask? "Well, if there is competition there is no friendship". In a (big) way, I agree with her. When your friendship gets to the point where you talk nothing else but "what I've done" and "what I've got" and so on, I think it's time to you to serious review your point of view about friendship and do something.
            On the other hand, sometimes, competition can strengthen the bond of the relationship rather than tearing it apart. Friends can compete with each other on who gets done faster a project at work or whose idea is more effective, but there is a dark part, too. If there is always just one of them who "wins" every time, feelings of resentments and jealousy can result from competition. "Healthy" competition is when friends compete against other individuals. When they start competing for the same thing, like the same boyfriend, things can get ugly and they can lose their friendship. If you look carefully you can realize competition between friends is more intensive during adolescence, but some of us just carry it like a baggage into adulthood. 
              In the end, we all need competition. Is in our nature. It's up to us if we use it the proper way or we let it ruin friendships and maybe even people.

PS: Starting from today, I will delete Funny Little World blog and write only on . Have a nice one!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday morning feelings

           The moment I like the most in our house is when we start the fire in the tile stove. Built out of clay, tile or earthenware, tile stoves are as old as Romans. They used to be the main heater in the house, because of their very long flue, which wound back and forth inside the structure, these could be heated for some hours with a small amount of light fuel. Like almost all old technology, tile stoves are used even nowadays. At least here, in Romania, people depend on them very much. Me and Hubby live in a very old house, so, naturally, we heat ourselves with one piece of tile stove. And I love it. I’ve always lived in an apartment, and in States we had a heating system pretty cool, so I have never had the chance to realise how cool is this! I love it because of the feeling I get when I see the fire and the sound of wood burning, the sweet light and the heat… I’ve always loved the fireplaces, and wished to have one in my house, so I guess this little tile stove is like a replacement for it. I can imagine thousands of stories about families and moments around this wonderful thing that provides a home its warmth. I could just stay there and stare at the dancing flames, listening to the stories they say. It’s magical. 
      Sometimes I wonder how many times we pass by all kind of small things that seem unimportant, but they have such a meaning in our lives. How many times we take for granted everything? And how many times we take time to stop and really look, really listen, really be there.
      Today, is a sunny day. I’ll enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"how do you...?" series


            Today I was chatting with mom about States and how my nieces used to make Tiramisu (one of my fav cake ever - easy to make, awesome at taste... perfect!) and suddenly, I realized how much I miss 'em. Ok, not only those in States... my bro' in Spain, my sis in UK, and even my sisters from here. I am so happy almost all of them could come at our wedding, I feel I'm so lucky, and now I wish I would've ask for more help from them. Well... nobody's perfect, so... next time, when I'll need help I'll just ask. 
            So, how do you handle missing someone?... I feel lonely, and I remember all kind of stuff about that person, smile and tear in the same time, and practicly I am good at nothing. Usually, I like missing someone, I mean I like the part when I read letters and look at things that remind me of them, but I hate the sad part of it... I don't really do anything major when it(the miss feeling) hits me, I just lay in bed and ... "enjoy" the feeling..
            On the other hand, this crochet idea becomes more and more addictive. I find myself wanting to do more and more interesting things with my crochet-hook. It's crazy! When I was in school, I had a hard time with that and I remember so clear in the first years of school how patiently my teacher tried so hard to learn me how to do it... Don't you find that odd?.. or maybe not... Ok, I'll stop rambling and go see what's to do till Hubby comes home... can't wait for that! Btw, did I tell you I made mashed potatoes? My mashed potatoes.. it's a secret recipe and everyone just loves it. I'm so glad, cause I was so nervous about that...
Enjoy autumn with its melancholy... 

Monday, October 25, 2010

just a little progress..

           So, that's just a glimpse of our home... my sisters kept asking me for pictures but I didn't really had the chance to upload 'em on facebook... it's just a little corner... in our living ...
           Now, talking serious stuff.. I started the scarf... and what can I say?.. Crochet can be pretty addicting. I'm so curious how it's gonna look in the end... of course, I made some mistakes, but hey, it's the first time in my life when I crochet more than just a chain... if you get me :). Maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow..
          On the other hand, I'm so done with long hair. In case you don't know me, I've never had longer hair then my shoulder-lenght. I always wanted to have long hair on my wedding day, and I had it, but now I just wanna cut it off. It's too long and I don't have enough time for it... Soon I'll get a new haircut... and I'm sure I'ma love it! ...
smile and remember you are loved!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

new feelings and a project

             I guess this happens with every girl when she gets married... Suddenly, I stop thinking only about myself, now, my thoughts look like "how Mr. Hubby would like that?". So, because out of nowhere there is someone else that matters more than me, yesterday I made apple pie for him. Well, for everybody... and mom helped me. Another little thing I forgot to mention: I got two moms now, and we live next door with Hubby's parents. Hubby loved 'em. :)
              On another hand, I started a project and I intend to finish it. It should take couple of days, but I won't be surprised if it's gonna be longer than one week... so, because I wanted to make sure I'ma finish it I thought it would be fun to show you my idea and then the progress... I want to do this because I'm so good at getting excited when beginning something and then, my excitement is just gone and the project is forgotten. It is time to make some major changes. So, this is what I want to make. I found the picture and a tutorial on the internet, I fell in love with it and I said: "Hey, I can do that! I can start learning how to really crochet this thing." In the end, I'll have something to be proud to wear...  

This is what I start with... I'll keep you tuned..
wish me luck!!! :) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"how do you..?" series

                 Because sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who experience unusual normal things, and because I know everyone can feel like what happens to her/him never happened to anybody before, I will start the "how do you .. " series. I will try o find interesting moments when I think "I bet nobody has ever gone through this before!" and talk about them.
                So, how do you take criticism? I can honestly say I am the clumsiest person I've ever known. Really. Like, I wanna pour milk in a bowl, and half of it is on the counter. (ok, that might be a little bit exaggerated) In the same time, I don't feel good when somebody criticizes me. Usually, I get frustrated and either I talk back or I just shut up and my whole day is ruined. I know it sounds like a childish act and I try hard to get rid of it, but sometimes it's harder than I think. I'm always careful what I do or say or whatever, to avoid the critics. I realize this is not the way to treat it and won't get anywhere if I keep it like that. So, next time when I'll hear "Honey, why did you do this?" or "You shouldn't do it like that!" or "How did you do this?" I will take a deep breath and try to be more receptive. Not get angry and tell myself 'See how clumsy you can be?', but tell myself 'Nobody's perfect. Next time you'll do it better'.
umm.. it's 1:50 in the morning, I guess that's it for now.. I'm curious to find out what you think of this. Have a good night, everyone!


               Like always, I have something to share with you.  Unusual it's what I have to share. But, believe me, it's a win-win situation here, and I'm more than excited. Recently, I was asked to post a few words about an online retailer. It sounded pretty interesting, so I checked out their site ASAP. And instantly, I almost fell in love. Like every other woman, I love shopping. Accessible prices? That's a dream come true! You can find absolutely anything there, from Bathroom Vanities to Golf equipment and digital cameras at a nice deal. Thinking to propose to your girlfriend? I saw lots of sweet engagement rings. I had a hard time choosing what I loved most, but I think the cutest were the handmade jewelry.
               Here comes the sweetest part: they gave me a discount code, and the shipping is just $3 on any order. The code is 121728 and is good for 10% off all products.
              Enjoy shopping!!!
All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming Back Home?...

            In case you are wondering, I have 3 homes. At least, it feels like it. Last week I visited one of them. I've been in a short visit to my hometown, Craiova. It's not a really spectacular city, but the park is awesome. My fav part of it is the huge lake with little island, and the suspended bridge, and the spectacular trees, and the uncountable small falls, and the flowers, and the animals, and the small castle, oh the old house... everything! So, as I said, we've been there. Me and husband. I don't know how to say it, but it was weird. Really. Didn't feel like home again. I felt like a stranger. Too many changes, too different. The apartment looked empty, even though I just looked at the building. It was kinda sad. Friends were inexistent. Did I miss the feeling or it was supposed to feel just like another visitor? A visitor with billions memories. I don't know if I wanna go back there. I don't think I belong there anymore. Maybe this is the way should be. It was my home. Now, is just a memory. Still, I will always call it my home. I wouldn't want to live there anymore, but I will always cherish those years. I will miss 'em, and remember 'em as much as I can.
            Here's a lesson I know, but always forget: live the present. Don't steal its value because you can't stop thinking about the past, or planning your future. 
            I've been home. But I was more than happy to come back to my new home. Now, I know. My home, is where Eddie is.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I like

         I like the way husband takes care of me when I'm sick.
         I like how he feeds me and starts the fire in the stove so we can have a warm house.
         ... and the fact that I stayed in bed almost all day.
         I like it when he comes from work and the first thing he does is to kiss me. Not even say "Hi", just a kiss. It just makes my day.
        I like to listen to French music. French sounds way too sexy for me!
        The point is, I love my life right now. I'd change couple of things here and there, but hey, it wouldn't be exciting if everything was perfect. I'm trying to change the things that have to be changed, and I know I can do it, but it takes time.
       Yesterday I saw a movie. Some guy said time is important, not money. I guess he's right and I'ma start think at that more often.
       I'm off. Husband-wife time!!!

Lovely Day

                 It is so wonderful outside, I'd go and walk around town, take pictures, smile at people, enjoy the sun as long as I can. Unfortunately, I'm in bed, sick. With a cup of hot tea and lots of tissues around me. Hopefully, today I'll feel better.
  Oh, I almost forgot...
   Happy Birthday, 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Am I Back??

      Well, the question should be: "Am I ready to be back?"... Honestly?!.. Nope, not really... not at all. The honeymoon was a blast! Oh, yeah... We've had a great time, starting with the weather and ending with the time we had for ourselves. Me personally, I enjoyed every single second of it. I'll post some day, some interesting pictures.. some day! What a word.. it's funny and cool in the same time to have your place. Especially sharing it with the one you love. But there are ups and downs... now I'm home alone, it's 1:00 am, and even though I'm really tired, it's pretty impossible to fall asleep.. Eddie's working... taking pics at weddings. It's so quiet in here, and ... I feel incomplete. 
     Oh, by the way... if you click on the picture, you can see some of the pictures from the wedding..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Very Special Moment

       This post is for one person very special in my life. I wanna thank her for being the teacher I never dreamt she could be, and learning me lessons I should've learnt her. I wanna thank her for having the patience I was saying I have. I thank her for being the true friend I always wanted to be. I love you, maDa, and I'm so happy for you, I promise, I'll always be there for you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New VS!!!

            I have no pictures now on the laptop to show you, but I'm officially a V.S. ! No, I'm not talking about Victoria's Secret, I'm talking about my new status: married. Since Saturday, I'm a wife. And it's awesome!!! Today we're heading to Zakynthos, Greece. Can't wait for that awesome honeymoon...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Small Talk, Anyone?

         Yeah, I'd enjoy a spare time for a small talk with ... almost anybody! But, I'm a busy bride and I have a full schedule the whole week. But, as a sweet girl I am, I'm thinking about my blog world, too (which I really miss). So, if anybody is curious to see me in my wedding dress, saying "DA" (means "I DO"), you can click here on September 11th, at 3:00pm Romanian hour. This is 8:00am New Jersey time.
           Time to hit the bed. Tomorrow, shopping day in Debrecen. Exhausting.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living Another Dream ?

        It's a big fuss this wedding, too. Like everything else. Although, usually we don't seem to pay that much attention, or to talk as much about everything else. But, honestly (and you don't have to tell me that), every single time you chose an outfit (speaking like a woman, again..) you thought about it very carefully with all the details, isn't it? A friend in need, is a friend indeed, my English teacher told me once. I was 15, and it took time to really understand what she wrote on my paper. Still, the friends you love more will let you down when you expect less, and most of the times, make a fool of you in front of others. Why would I bother with stuff like these when I have tons of things to get done?!.. Well, let's see: it's about my wedding. My sister keeps telling me life goes on and so should I. Whatever! To everything. I'm more disappointed than hurt, but at least I know whom I can count on. Sometimes, yes, I feel like my  life is just an unrealistic view of a dream becoming true. Parts of it, at least...
        On the other hand, living here again can be an adventure. It's been so cold for the past few days, and I brought with me only summer clothes, so imagine me wearing my mother-in-law's clothes. No, that's not an "unfashion" me, Eddie's mom is a super woman. I love her clothes. Too bad not all of them fit me. I love the fact we get along very good and I feel like I gained a new pair of parents, not in laws.
         You think I forgot to mention Eddie? Well, he's sweet!!! I'd need pages to tell you about him a lil bit, and I have no time now.
He's definitely a keeper!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting More Addicted Every Day

Is kinda nice to be out of work, but with Eddie working 6 days a week, I don't like it. I miss him like crazy. (his)Mom gave us some sheets and stuff for our home, I looked through 'em this morning, they are awesome, I can't wait to finally be at my place so I can use them all. We kinda found a house for rent, which I'm so happy about. It's next door with my in laws, a small, cosy house. We will talk tomorrow with the owner, so please, pray for us.
Man, this country is so beautiful, I don't wanna leave anymore. I had so much fun, and, umm... ok, I didn't walk that much, but every night we go out and do something. I love it. One day when I'll have some time, I plan on going downtown, take pictures and post 'em here and on facebook. You guys will love it, I promise.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


         So this weekend we went to Fagarasi Mountains, a 5 hours trip from our city. One of Eddie's cousins got married, a small weeding in the mountains, it was awesome. I met some of Eddie's family, too. Man, that family is huge!!! They are funny and a very nice family.. I loved it. I wish I could have some pictures from the mountains, but I didn't put 'em on the laptop yet so you gotta wait a while, I guess. All I can say is I'm in love with my country, and very proud to be a Romanian!
       Today I was sick, and still feel a lil bit weird, but I crave cheese pie and some ice cream. No, I'm not pregnant, I just didn't get the chance to have some since I got here and I know how good they are..
PS: In case you're interested, I bought my wedding dress, and we ordered our wedding rings... things are starting to move ... can't believe the day is getting closer and closer.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Small Break

         No, I'm not going in vacation, I just have NO time at all to post anymore. It hurts my heart, but I'll try to keep you updated while going through this crazy mess. Yesterday I went and tried on dresses, from 9 I got down to 2, but 99% I know which one I want. Today I gotta go there and tell 'em. I'm so nervous!! And tired in the same time. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Randomness

            Do you know what's weird? It's weird I feel odd if I don't post everyday. Yes, that's a thing. Like, what, are you talking about the same person? In a way, that's good. I get out all those thoughts that might kill me in time, and you, well, I think about you, too. You get some news about me and my life, which, by the way, right now is a beautiful mess. Things need to be done, I'm tired, decisions, communication etc.. and I just want some more sleep. But I keep waking up at weird hours like 6... or 8 am. And this weekend I'm visiting one of my sister.. How wonderful! Can't wait to see my teeny tiny little niece. And the others, of course.. ;))

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Safe & Sound

          So, I've made it! Finally. I'm so tired, but I'll sleep and take care of me. Promise. I've wrote a post in the airports, while I was waiting for my planes, but it's kinda long and I don't know if to put it here or not. We'll see. For now, I just want to say it's so awkward to hear everybody speaking Romanian. Every  time, my eyes get big, and I'm amazed. For now, I gotta get used, this will be the normality. 
        Now I'm waiting for Eddie to come home from work and then.... I don't know what we'll do. I hope we're gonna have some time for us... See you soon, people!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Day

I love you, Eddie!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Love

One funny moment:
* when he wanted to surprise me and came to my city, but he had the wrong address.( I thought it was pretty hilarious and romantic in the same time. He found me, in the end.)
      I wanna share something pretty interesting with you guys. I just found this video; it'll take only 1 minute out of your life, but I say it worths the time. 
    That's a short one, gotta finish packing, clean up a lil bit, go to bed and wake up early tomorrow. I hope I will get some sleep...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cause ONE Is Just Not Enough.

Two things I'd like you to like:
* me giving you flowers;
*  writing.
        I like challenges, so today I made myself think about 2 things I hate about Eddie, or I dislike about him. Awful task, my friends, awful. So, when I finally got home, I cheated a little bit. Fair enough, huh? Yep, I know, I said two funny things, come on, what normal guy would like to receive flowers from his girl? But I love flowers and I'd love to buy him some. When I told him once (as a joke, you know, to "test" his opinion ..) he said: "That's a gay thing!" .. Awesome. I guess I'll just enjoy the flowers he buys me... and share 'em with him. (huge smile)
   Writing?... For my Eddie, that's not a challenge, that's a curse. On the other side, me? I love writing. You can imagine, in our relationship how things went, can't you? Considering the fact that we had a relationship at distance from the start, well.. e-mails and stuff were vital. I appreciate how much he tried to please me with pretty decent (as length) mails, and sometimes I'm amazed how much he can write. But that's just sometimes. Lately, we barely sent emails to each other. I don't blame him, I perfectly understand we both are busy and tired, I'm just saying.. sometimes, I would love to have a longer mail from him. This is one of the reasons why I'm so happy to be with him: I'll be able to read him with just one look. No words necessary. 
    I guess this is too much explanations for just 2 thoughts. Today was Ocean Day. Uhum, we went to the shore. Ocean is freezing ( I don't get the idea, it's July for God's sakes!) and I slept on the beach for like 3 hours. Perfect
    Off to bed: tomorrow, I'm packing!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Bound Forever

Three things you might not know:
* I thought you were really handsome from the first time I saw you;
* I was trying to find a signature with your last name since we started to talk, even though I did it as something fun, deep down in my heart I was hoping that will come true one day;
* when you hugged me first time ever, I felt like I was fitting perfectly in your arms. Like I was especially made for those arms. 
    I was planning tomorrow to finish packing so Sunday I'll have the day to relax a lil bit, and on Monday to clean up and leave everything nice. It wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow we're off to the Seaside Heights and Atlantic City, people. Fun day, huh!?.. I guess... At least I hope to get a nice tan. You know what's the most exciting thing?... Time's just flying and on Tuesday I'll be in my beloved fiance's arms. Best place ever to be. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fantastic Four

Four fantastic days:
* when I met you for the first time ever;
* our first date in the park;
* the day you asked me to be your wife;
* the day when I'll become Mrs S. (soon, very soon...)
        I was sick today. Maybe stress and nights with no good sleep, who knows? I know I feel like a shipwreck! At least tomorrow is the last day of work. That'll be something... And tomorrow I hope I'll get to talk with Eddie, since he's gonna work on Saturday (wedding photos, again). I'm reading  3 really good books, I'd tell you the titles but they are in Romanian and I'm not sure they've been translated yet. Anyway, they are awesome! I don't know which one to pick up first.. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi Five!

Five things I should say more often:
* "You're my precious";
* "I trust you";
* "I am so proud of you";
* "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you";
* "You are the perfect fiance, and will be the best husband in the world".
    Just 5?! That's not fair. I love it when the time goes so quick, but there are so many other things I should say more often, and I feel bad I couldn't put them all here. No biggie, I will make sure to say 'em all next week, when I'll finally be in his arms. 
      About the picture? Oh gosh!!! Don't even ask. We were tired that night.. at Bible Study. Can't remember exactly who took the picture or when, my memory is blurry... And, for now, I think this is a start: our first photo when we're both serious. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hold My Heart

         Six things I miss:
* long walks in down town holding your hand;
* watching movies late at night;
* waking up at your kiss;
* talking about anything and everything for hours;
* wearing your shirts;
* praying with you;
       Making the last shoppings, and trying to fit everything in just 2 big suitcases and carry on luggage, well, that can be a challenge!!! I thought I'd successfully fail to post every day. Seriously? Trying to say something worth saying each day is a lot more easier than trying to have to fit tons of anythings in your luggage. Eddie was right: I need a whole plane for myself. I'm wondering when am I going to finish packing and how many things I'll forget. I should make a list. Again... my life is only lists, lists, lists. And everything is a beautiful mess in my head. I'd lie if I'd say I love it, but I don't dislike it. What I really deeply dislike is that summer's almost gone (just ONE month of it?!?!) and the days started to get shorter and shorter. I want sun rising at 4am and a sunset at 9-10pm, even later. That's magical! 

Monday, July 26, 2010


           Seven ways to show my love to you:
- write you emails every day;
- kiss you all the time;
- listen to you (you know it's hard for me to just stop talking);
- hold your hand all the time;
- send you a text message only to tell you I love you;
- dress nice for you;
- bring your breakfast in bed.
         Oh, and that's all? Just seven? That was hard! I couldn't decide which one to put down and which one not. There are just 7 days more. As a matter of fact, next Monday, at this time I'll be on the plane... I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it.
         Today was pretty awful. I found out some things that upset me, but my sis, Mary, she's been there for me, thanks Mary can't wait to see you and give you a huge bear hug for all you've done for me so far. And all the things you're gonna do... She's a big helper with wedding planning. It's essential to have somebody already married to help you out. Only a girl who's been bride can think of all those details that make weddings so gorgeous.
        Frankie is getting bigger and bigger. I love spending time with him. I love cause he doesn't mind when I kiss him while he's sleeping. As long as I hold him in my arms, I can do whatever I wanna do. Anna is so funny, too. She wants to spend so much time with me and we play a lot! Today was tickling day. I'll miss the guys from here. But I'll be happy to be next to my man!