Monday, November 8, 2010

"how do you..?" series

                 Lately I've had some pretty interesting in my head. How does competition interact with friendship, when it's good and when it's bad for friendship and how do they coexist together?... Or, is it possible for them to coexist? When I was younger, I've seen some examples of competitive friendship, where one person says: "Wow, I got a B on that really hard math test!" and the other one starts: "Oh, that's great, but check this out: I was at the gym last night and this guy came along and asked me if I wanna be in a show!". This is just an example, and of course, is taken to limits. Still, I think those people who treat friendship like that, they have some amigos, not real friends. You know what I call a real friend? Couple days ago, talking with my bff on YMessenger, I told her I was thinking to write something about competition and friendship. Her answer, you ask? "Well, if there is competition there is no friendship". In a (big) way, I agree with her. When your friendship gets to the point where you talk nothing else but "what I've done" and "what I've got" and so on, I think it's time to you to serious review your point of view about friendship and do something.
            On the other hand, sometimes, competition can strengthen the bond of the relationship rather than tearing it apart. Friends can compete with each other on who gets done faster a project at work or whose idea is more effective, but there is a dark part, too. If there is always just one of them who "wins" every time, feelings of resentments and jealousy can result from competition. "Healthy" competition is when friends compete against other individuals. When they start competing for the same thing, like the same boyfriend, things can get ugly and they can lose their friendship. If you look carefully you can realize competition between friends is more intensive during adolescence, but some of us just carry it like a baggage into adulthood. 
              In the end, we all need competition. Is in our nature. It's up to us if we use it the proper way or we let it ruin friendships and maybe even people.

PS: Starting from today, I will delete Funny Little World blog and write only on . Have a nice one!

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  1. A very great and tough "subject", my dear! Good to u! Very interesting points of view...
    may I share some of mine with u? or maybe can we go on with some debats?
    - what about frendship and sacrifice???
    - what about competition which implies trying hard to be or to do more not glorifying yourself to others for what you've just realised!
    - and a harder one : what about friends helping each other during the competition?


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