Monday, February 28, 2011

sunny day

            It was a sunny, uneventful day. All the feelings were overwhelming, and still, she kept on going.. she knew the sun was on her side and the stars will sing her lullaby in the cold night. Spring is slowly coming and the hope it brings, is like the mint lip balm on her lips: conforting and revigorating.
Faith makes everything possible, but love makes everything easy.
            ...and life gets brighter.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

marriage with honey and lemon

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            Have you ever heard about this cold remedy? My mother in law told me about it.. Stir some lemon with couple teaspoons of honey and it helps your sore throat and takes the cold away. It works, really... Can you imagine the taste? Bitter-sweet... 
            Last night I thought marriage is like that taste... bitter-sweet... no, I didn't get into a fight with Eddie, but sometimes, things can get pretty hard. So, marriage, usually is some cute, sweet "little" thing and all the flowers and butterflies... and even when everything is ok, things can get hard. Like now, with us. It's like 10 zillions harder than I thought it's gonna be. I am so thankful Eddie is so supportive in all this process... Yes, I know we both decided to keep the papers going for me here, and meanwhile to get him here asap. Yes, I know I enjoy being here and my life over here, and yes, I know it would be very hard if I'd have to go back there and live there... but right now, it's killing me this distance and in a way, I feel like is all my fault. Even though Eddie keeps telling me it's not, it still messing me up. But I'm so happy to have him by my side and to see how he takes care of me.
         ...and from now on, whenever life will give me lemons, I'll stir 'em up with all the honey from our marriage.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

winter lovelies...

            "I hate this time of year... so cold and windy."
            "I'm not happy with that, either... but Valentine's Day is sweet.. and that cup of hot tea before going to sleep is great."
            "Yeah, I guess those warm nights tucked in the bed reading a good book with a cup of hot tea in your hand are priceless. Especially if your THE ONE is sitting next to you.."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

about indecision and some other small things...

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               One night, at our home:
Mr. S: "So, hon, what are you reading there?
Me(very decisive): "Well, I was just reading something about indecision and indecisive people. I'm gonna write a post about it!"
Mr. S: "In that case, just write something about yourself, you don't have to spend time gathering all kind of information."
              I thought: "What the heck?!"
..and then, I spent 3 weeks wondering what should I write on this topic.(ha ha) I have to admit: I'm not a person who can make decisions. I'm not proud of it, and one of my goals this year is to change that. This last year of my life thought me that indecisiveness is about doubt, fear, confusion, and lack of self-confidence. You can live your whole life saying "Maybe" and "I don't know" or you can just face the reality and become a stronger, more confident person who can actually do something, and change something. Because you can change the world when you change yourself. Others like the company of strong, confident people. The ones who know who they are and what they want. Those who make you feel like they've got it all and you just want to be like 'em. Their self-confidence are like magnets and when you're thinking of them, you wish down deep in your heart to have the courage they have. The courage to take the risks, whatever would happen. But then, a reality check comes and you feel lost: you will never be like them.
       You know what? That's just a story!!! A story you made up. You can be like them. You can be confident! and strong! I just told you the steps... First, find out who you are and what you want to achieve. "People look at decisions in isolation instead of realizing that single decisions are really points in a stream of decisions. So you need to look at the long-term consequences of your immediate choices." says Stephens P. Robbins in his book, Decide & Conquer: Make Winning Decisions and Take Control of Your Life. Learn when to stop gathering information. Too much can be confusing. Next, accept the risk involved. Some choices won't turn out as good as other, and you need to be aware of that in order to get the best out of yourself. And, in the end, you need to change the way you're seeing yourself. I've never seen anywhere "self-confidence" for sale. So, in order to have that, you just need to see those positive parts in you, find the not so good parts and work on them. In the end, you are the Master that can work miracles on yourself. Good luck! (to me, and other indecisive people)

PS: I just hit 1000 page visits, let's party!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

missing time...

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There is a time for everything in this life. Even for missing... And I missed blogging so much, but I didn't have either the time nor the mood to write a post worth reading. So, I hope you guys won't get bored, I will do my best this week to start posting again. Till then, just go on here to see a nice video. It's my sister in law, talking about photography, and a photo shoot with me and Eddie in Budapest.
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