Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thoughts on my first craft show

I haven't talked a lot about my shop here. But for a while, I knew I wanted to make another step. So, I decided to go to a craft fair. I imagined on writing posts on my progress how I prepare for this new journey ahead of me, but didn't make it. I thought I had enough time, but I was mistaken. Now that is done, and I drink (another cup of caramel mocha) with the satisfaction of "I did it!", I figured I have no other excuse why not to share with you how it went.

The week before the fair was a real adventure. I won't be fooled again, I'll make sure I have enough time to prepare for the next one. The morning of the first day, I was as nervous as on our wedding day. It was no turning back. And I wanted so much to go hide under a rock! I'm glad Eddie didn't let me do it.

As we got there and started to set up my booth, I calmed down a little. I took a deep breath and decided to make the best out of it. There were way more vendors than I thought, and they were all so confident! But they were all so friendly and ready to help the others. I didn't think to bring a tent, and for those of you who leave in the area, Saturday was just a perfect sunny day. Nicole of CatWomanCrafts shared her tent with me. Of course, I learned my lesson the next day and brought a tent. But I was impressed by the camaraderie between the vendors.

As the people started to stroll by and look at my cards, I loved to see their reactions, on the birthday cards, on the Christmas tree card, or gifts for Jesus(soon to be available in the shop). Each comment from each person was a sweet reward for me. It is a great satisfaction to realize people do like and value your work. The work you pour your heart in.

Not only I learned a lot (about my display, what to bring, how to talk with customers), but I gathered some inspiration (my first customer is among those who inspired me). So, while I recoup from the weekend, and get ready for Niagra Falls this weekend, I'm looking for the next craft show to go to. I loved the experience and I'm ready for the next one. Bigger one. Also, keep an eye out for new items on the shop.

And I'll try to not disappear again...