Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hold My Heart

         Six things I miss:
* long walks in down town holding your hand;
* watching movies late at night;
* waking up at your kiss;
* talking about anything and everything for hours;
* wearing your shirts;
* praying with you;
       Making the last shoppings, and trying to fit everything in just 2 big suitcases and carry on luggage, well, that can be a challenge!!! I thought I'd successfully fail to post every day. Seriously? Trying to say something worth saying each day is a lot more easier than trying to have to fit tons of anythings in your luggage. Eddie was right: I need a whole plane for myself. I'm wondering when am I going to finish packing and how many things I'll forget. I should make a list. Again... my life is only lists, lists, lists. And everything is a beautiful mess in my head. I'd lie if I'd say I love it, but I don't dislike it. What I really deeply dislike is that summer's almost gone (just ONE month of it?!?!) and the days started to get shorter and shorter. I want sun rising at 4am and a sunset at 9-10pm, even later. That's magical! 

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