Saturday, December 10, 2011

Never alone

Never alone by v.sch23
God gave us the need of friends so we can fulfill somebody's else needs.

Friday, December 2, 2011

the day my life started to work out.

picture via
             Today I decided to wear my ankle / wrist weights I just bought. So I geared up, weights on my ankles, shoes on, music... and I started my warm up. Boy, what a difference! When I started to run, I felt those weights so heavy. After 5 minutes I had to stop and take them out. I was too tired to continue with them on. After taking them out, oh man, what a feeling!!! I was flying!...
             And that was the moment I've seen the picture!!! The real life picture... how many times we "gear up" with weights more or less useful and assume we are Hercules and start wrestling with life? It was then when I understood better why Jesus said to leave our burden at the cross. And, started to think about those "weights" in my life that hold me back. Like fear of making new friends and than to be hurt again if/when we'll move, or not to be able to do my work better because I keep thinking I got the job I always said I would not work as. Or, how the fear of what the others will say about my crafty projects. Or, how I don't show my poems just to 2-3 people for the same reason I just wrote. 
             So, take that life! From now on, I'll gear up with weights only when working out so I can be healthy. Because tonight I've learnt these all other kind of weights just keep me from being me. 

what are the fears that hold you back?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

for brothers and sisters... with love!

       I've seen this video because of my sister, Mary. It reminds me of how us, the sisters, would gather in the bedroom and sing and have a good time. It brings up tons of memories, and because these days I missed my sisters and brother so much, I thought I'd post this.
      This is for all those good old times together!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Five Year Diary...

      As I promised, I want to talk a little bit about a very dear memory from my childhood. About one of those moments that mark you, mark your life and sometimes even change it. If not instantly, but on a long shot, for sure there is a difference.
     As a kid, and then, teenager, I used to live in my own world, didn't really open to talk with somebody. Instead, I loved putting my thoughts on a sheet of paper. Usually, I would hide the paper or throw it to garbage so nobody could read it. I don't know why I was like that. Around age 13, I started to dream about a diary. I knew I would not be able to keep one ( per definition, you have to write daily in a diary, which was impossible for me) - still, I wished for a cute one to scribble my feelings on it. Everyday while coming from school, I'd get into the store next to our apartment building and look at the (not so) cute diaries on their display. Still, I didn't have the money, and I didn't want to ask my mom. One day, I came home late from school, tired and already ready to go to bed, but my sister was full of excitement!!! We just got our Christmas presents! Yes, it was 2 weeks after Christmas. No, we didn't care about that. Growing up in a family with 8 kids, that was a certainty we wouldn't get any gifts for Christmas, just the love of our family and the hope and happiness of Jesus' birth. In our bedroom, on the floor were 3 shoe boxes with Samaritan's Purse label on them. I just grabbed one and ripped it open. I still have the picture in my head.
     There was a pair of socks; but not any pair... they were Adidas! Lots of candies, a set of Crayola colored wax pencils, a toothbrush, a toothpaste and... on the bottom of the box, under a cute pink box filled with sparkly lip balms, there was a little cute gray Five Year Diary. A DIARY!!!! Just for me!!! And it looked tons times better than all I have dreamt of a diary would look like! Well, nothing in that box made me happier. I was overwhelmed with joy. I cried that night before falling asleep. I had that diary under my pillow for a long time. And the pink box was a favorite. I used it as a purse, once.
     Needless to say, I still have them both (I just took a picture of them), and every time I see them, I remember God listens your heart. He knows your needs. I waited at least half of year till I got my own diary. It was worth it! So, whatever your need is, just go to your Father and He will take care of it. You might get impatient, but remember His timing is perfect, His work is perfect, and His love for you is never-ending.

Note: If you ever have the opportunity to make a shoe box for a kid or teenager, don't hesitate in doing so! Last year, I filled one with goodies for a 13 year old girl. I packed it with tears in my eyes remembering how I felt when I received my box. You can change a life with just a shoe box. This week is National Collection Week at Operation Christmas Child. Find a location near you and drop a box of happiness, hope and faith for a kid in need.

Monday, November 14, 2011

and we have a winneeerr!!!!

I am very happy to announce the winner of my little giveaway. Nicole from Craft my soul is the happy one who will get the cute cards.
More details and a story later today after work (or I'll be late for work!).

Once again, than you tons for entering the giveaway, it was really fun (at least for me) and I hope I'll have more giveaways soon. You guys just made my week!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A giveaway to be thankful for!!! :)

      Hey guys, I am so thrilled to be able to announce you I finally am hosting my FIRST giveaway!!! I'm so nervous and excited about it!!!
      With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and you're thinking how to share your thankfulness with people around you. Do you want to give your dear ones a special card showing them you're thankful for their presence in your life? Or just want to remind a friend something to be thankful for? How about to make it in a unique way that defines you? This year, there is one more reason to be thankful for. Enter my first giveaway and you can win a set of 6 Thanksgiving themed cards, with matching envelope. Leave a comment below sharing 3 reasons why you are thankful for this year. Please hurry if you want a chance to win, the giveaway ends on Sunday, 11/13/11 at 9:40 am EST. The winner will be announced on Monday, 11/14/11. Please leave your e-mail address in your comment so I can reach you faster. :) 
     Have fun and enjoy!!! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the reason why I like cold weather

...the place where I took a nap last night before going to bed…best feeling in a while.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

good morning, sun!

The best view I get to see everyday on my way to work…

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


   It's that time when you actually knew all those things all your life but you didn't really know them. And than, there's a moment and it hits you. It hits you hard.

   How many times did you pray "God, help me push my limits.". In this way, you ask God to do amazing things with yourself. For others, and for you. To help you improve your relationship with your family. Have more patience. Risk more. Think more. Learn more. Do something that frightens you. Courage is not the lack of fear. Courage is the overcome of the fear. To be afraid and still do it. You're going to laugh at this, but I'm terrified of making phone calls at my new job. What if I don't understand at all what the other person is talking about? I used to write tons of e-mails and wait half a day for an answer I could've got in 10 seconds. Until couple of weeks ago I started to overcome my groundless fear and start making phone calls. That's magic: people are actually so friendly and ready to help you any time with any problem. What a shock, right?! (not really... sometimes, even I laugh at myself!!.. that's helpless)

{photo via}

    The idea of push your limits is very common among athletes in particular, but yesterday while trying to run more than I usually do, I realized how important is to know how to push your limits. 
    Firstly, stay focused. Never forget your goal. Repeat it frequently to yourself, write it down on a piece of paper and hang it on fridge or make a background picture with it and set it as a wallpaper on your computer. 
   Secondly, Do not lose your faith, either. You can do it! Not because you have an expensive equipment to help with your projects (that could be helpful, but not enough). You can do it because you can do everything through Christ who strengthens you.
  And last, but not least, stay steadfast. Make small steady steps. It won't be easy, and sometimes people around you will discourage you, but never forget your goal. And never forget you didn't grow up in 10 hours or 10 days. It took years and years until you finally were a grown up. The same with pushing your limits. Sometimes, it just takes a while. You just continue reaching for new limits. Because, in the end, if we never push our limits, we'll never know where our limit is!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

riches we can afford

   It's cold outside, but Claire didn't even think of the possibility to stay home that night. It was the grand opening of the new Burkshire Mall, and she had to see it!!! No, she was not a shopaholic. It is supposed to be 3 times bigger than the old mall she usually shops that's 50 miles away. And the new one is just 10!!! How gorgeous is that? She turned on the engine, pressed the gas and drove away. She didn't know she was going to lose such a great family night with her brother and their parents.
   In the same time, on another small street, Mom is busy in the kitchen, and Dad is watching his new TV show. They both are tired after a long, stressful day at work. Little do they know how much their daughter would love to tell them about her first day at school... But since everybody's too tired or too busy to listen to her, she curls up in the bed with her old, used, diary...
   It's Friday night, Mandy just spent 3 hours getting ready - it's their date night and she's very excited to tell her husband the great news. After half hour, she starts being nervous: he should've been home at least 2 hours ago. No call, no message from him. Where would he be? Finally, she nervously calls him. "Hey babe! Oh, gosh, I forgot to let you know I'll be late tonight - Danny took me to this car show on 5th ave. See you later, hun, can't hear you!" I guess he'll never understand how much he hurt her.
   Can you afford to spend more time with your family than shopping at the new Mall? Can you afford to listen to your kids instead of watching that new TV show? Can you afford to go to dinner with your wife instead of going to a car show?
   These are just 3 random examples of how easily we can skip some happy moments in our lives. I don't want to say don't watch TV or don't go shopping or don't check out those wild engines at show cars. I just want to say ...

                      ... can you afford to be happy?

Friday, October 21, 2011

the burgundy of life

  Today was a splendid sadness in the air. A beautiful nostalgia in the air... Thoughts and thoughts freely flying with the wind. The leaves paint themselves with perfect colors... my new fav is burgundy. There is so much emotion in it.
Fall, what did you do to me? I've never liked you. Suddenly, you just overwhelm me with your riches. Frazzled skies, hurry clouds, leaves dancing in the wind, gray days followed by such colorful and full of life days... It's like a crazy, super fast, fascinating game. We're spinning, but we won't get sick, we're crying and laughing, the trees are dyeing in the most lively manner and everything else just accompanies in the most gorgeous style.
It's a season as amazing as spring.

Note: Those statements are made by a person who truly deeply enormously loves spring the most out of all seasons.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happiness is...

when you remember how happy you are when you love.

Friday, August 5, 2011

trusting my Author...

          Life comes to us in phases. At 6-8 months, a tooth, at 1 year old the excitement of discovering, at 3 the grace and beauty in the fairy-tales, at 7 a new start, at 14 new friends, 21 new concepts... and so on. Last year, the adventure of your life, today, a slice of happiness, tomorrow a tear in the corner of your eye, next week - good news... next month... who knows? Surprise is the key-act. 

  Even though I often dared to dream about living my every day life next to my Hubby, I’ve never really take the courage to say it’ll happen now ( or this year). I had my doubts... even though, I knew God can do anything! But here I am.... the lucky one to go to bed every single night with my HH (Handsome Hubby). Do I deserve it? Probably, not. Do I enjoy it? Infinitely! New adventures are around every second’s corner with this guy next to me. He’s the color of my rainbow and the light of my day. No, I don’t have as much “me-time” now, but I don’t miss it (except the writing ... really, I’ve been missing it like crazy!!!). I love getting to know him better and better each day. I want to tell you, friends, God answers prayers. Eddie getting a 10 years visitor visa, is a proof! Bad things turn into good things when life’s lived with Him. Really... like, the paperwork for Eddie. Yes, I spent endless evenings and weekends studying and researching what forms to fill up, what else we needed and at last, we mailed them with a prayer: “Lord, we did out best - it’s in Your hands from now on. You know the future. Do what ever is the best for us!” .. and waited... and waited. Till couple weeks ago, when we got a letter in the mail... All papers were sent back - he was rejected. For the simple reason, we sent 2 forms together. I was sad.. no, I didn’t wrestle with God... but I wished it, in a way. Still, I calmed myself with a reminder of that prayer “do what ever is the best”. We don’t know what will happen next. There are moments when I kind of loose it and I get scared, but He always has His way of shining his light through the darkest cloud.
          Maybe it’s time to learn not any new patch of path must be easier than the old one....
I am a story in the making...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a while

... worth living called life.
    We live surrounded by the miracles we don't see. We hold wonders in our hands and awesomeness is within reaching distance. Sun is the sky's lover. From time to time, puffy clouds steal its brightness from my eyes. But there's no shade in my heart. A lighthouse is my home and truth my everyday reality. I hide myself in a seashell, with the sea in my soul. Dolphins are my play friends, a starfish - my jewelry. Skies watch over me while sleeping in the sand. 
...and love is what makes my heart giggle.

Monday, April 4, 2011

minute monday

     This is a moment of last week. A remembrance of sweet friends, and funny moments. A coup of coffee, two laptops, two friends, a photo frame with our picture in it, two facebook accounts, comments, likes, giggles. Feelings shared, support given, prayer lists, cracked jokes, and burst into laughings, music, webcams on, print screens, and more comments. That's how a great week starts. With that minute on Monday morning when you hit the snooze button, and that creamy coffee. For me, the best moment is when I turn on my laptop and my hubby skypes me "good morning hon!".
       Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's good to know you're loved

{photo via}
           This day week started out wonderfully. And today, when I was feeling so tired(because lack of sleep- too much happiness leads to that, too, not only stress), and grumpy, God just gave me another miracle. To remember His love and care for me. He put at 7am a small rainbow in the sky, just in front of me so it would've been impossible not to see it. What a great God we have! I need to mention yesterday or last night didn't rain at all, in fact, it didn't rain in days, which it makes it very special. 
           On the other hand, I have some very good news, and a giveaway coming, but I'll be talking about them next time... today I'm too busy and too tired. So bare with me. 

Some people complain that there are thorns among roses, while others praise God because He put roses among thorns.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hugs and smiles from Jesus

John 17

           I love this chapter in the Bible when Jesus prays for His disciples. It's so encouraging to know how much Jesus loved those people who were so close to Him. It's so refreshing to analyze His prayer and find out that, before his arrest, trial and crucifixion, you were so important that He actually took the time and pray for you (and me). No, your name is not in the Bible, but you just have to read John 17:20 "I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one." Yes, my dear readers, we are "the ones who will believe". This verse was the nicest smile on my face in last days. He actually, prayed for me! As a girl born and raised in a Christian family, I've heard about how God knew me before I was even in the womb, and how God knows every hair on my head, and how He takes care of each one of us. And you hear it over and over again, till you get so used with it, and you say "Yes" to this, "I believe" to that, but I don't know how much of it we realize it. God put a big smile on my face when I heard Jesus prayed for me with thousands years before I was born. How precious is that?
           Another very special thing that popped up in this chapter, was verse 14 and 15. When we are like Jesus, the world will hate us.... for not being like them. So, trials and troubles won't leave us alone, but listen to this: "I am not asking you to take them out of the world, but I ask you to protect them from the evil one"(verse 15).  That one there is the biggest hug I've got. God wraps His arms around me to protect me when I'm happy, and when I'm troubled. When I smile and when I cry. When I feel hopeless, and when my tears took the words' place. When I sleep, when I drive or drink my coffee, when I work, or when I relax. He lets me here for a while, but His eyes are on me. Like a parent with his child... he lets his kid go play at the playground, but he's always watching the child. 
          One more thing. If you look carefully throughout the whole chapter, and make a small chart of his prayer, you realize 18% of His prayer, Jesus prayed for himself, 41% He prayed for saved people and the other 41% He prayed for the unsaved ones. I compared how my prayers usually look like and I was ashamed. Honestly, how much do we pray for us and how much do we pray for others?  One frequent question in my head (now, since I realized that) is: how does my prayer look like? 

* Not all of the ideas are mine. Recently at church Pastor Phil Loria had preached from this chapter and it was too good to just keep the thoughts just for me. Some of the ideas were taken from that sermon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

you've got mail...

{photo via}
          What can be more nice than a stack of old letters from good friends?.. I wish I had my whole stack with me, now. Unfortunately, some I lost, others I threw away, and the few I still have are in Romania. Still, when I think of those sweet letters, I remember of the happiness of getting them. That little piece of paper used to bring a large smile on my face all day when I got it... It reminds me of how every single day I used to go check our mail box, and how I actually stalked the mail man (actually, in our neighborhood was a short cute happy woman). 
Those letters bring to life unforgettable memories, remind me everyday how blessed I am with good friends and their romantic looks urge me to day dreaming.
       how much do you miss to receive one of those old hand written mails?... 

Friday, March 18, 2011

you got to hear this!

I just watched this video on youtube and I want all of you to listen to it and think about it very seriously. Nothing is a joke, even if everybody around us think this way..

I wish...

I had one of these indian clothing...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


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            nine wonders:
* your alarm going off in the morning
* the sweet kiss you give me right before heading to work
* how we can fit together in a twin bed, when before, a queen size bed wasn't enough for me
* the envious looks we get for being such a cute couple (yes, I had to say it... I know, I know...)
* Christmas every day with you
* that little smirk on the corner of your lips when you look at me and think I'm not paying attention
* your awfully funny and crazy ways of saying "I love you"
* you searching for my hand to wrap it around you when we go to sleep
* me actually enjoying an action movie ... and that's because of you.

Note to self: never ever try to do something like this again. It's too hard to chose just couple things about love and marriage and person you love the most, and life with him (or apart from him). 

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wish I was here wednesday

A place I've been, a place I'd go for ever... 
Zakynthos, Greece. The place we went for our honeymoon.
Awesome sights, awesome people, awesome weather.


Monday, February 28, 2011

sunny day

            It was a sunny, uneventful day. All the feelings were overwhelming, and still, she kept on going.. she knew the sun was on her side and the stars will sing her lullaby in the cold night. Spring is slowly coming and the hope it brings, is like the mint lip balm on her lips: conforting and revigorating.
Faith makes everything possible, but love makes everything easy.
            ...and life gets brighter.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

marriage with honey and lemon

{picture via}
            Have you ever heard about this cold remedy? My mother in law told me about it.. Stir some lemon with couple teaspoons of honey and it helps your sore throat and takes the cold away. It works, really... Can you imagine the taste? Bitter-sweet... 
            Last night I thought marriage is like that taste... bitter-sweet... no, I didn't get into a fight with Eddie, but sometimes, things can get pretty hard. So, marriage, usually is some cute, sweet "little" thing and all the flowers and butterflies... and even when everything is ok, things can get hard. Like now, with us. It's like 10 zillions harder than I thought it's gonna be. I am so thankful Eddie is so supportive in all this process... Yes, I know we both decided to keep the papers going for me here, and meanwhile to get him here asap. Yes, I know I enjoy being here and my life over here, and yes, I know it would be very hard if I'd have to go back there and live there... but right now, it's killing me this distance and in a way, I feel like is all my fault. Even though Eddie keeps telling me it's not, it still messing me up. But I'm so happy to have him by my side and to see how he takes care of me.
         ...and from now on, whenever life will give me lemons, I'll stir 'em up with all the honey from our marriage.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

winter lovelies...

            "I hate this time of year... so cold and windy."
            "I'm not happy with that, either... but Valentine's Day is sweet.. and that cup of hot tea before going to sleep is great."
            "Yeah, I guess those warm nights tucked in the bed reading a good book with a cup of hot tea in your hand are priceless. Especially if your THE ONE is sitting next to you.."