Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cause ONE Is Just Not Enough.

Two things I'd like you to like:
* me giving you flowers;
*  writing.
        I like challenges, so today I made myself think about 2 things I hate about Eddie, or I dislike about him. Awful task, my friends, awful. So, when I finally got home, I cheated a little bit. Fair enough, huh? Yep, I know, I said two funny things, come on, what normal guy would like to receive flowers from his girl? But I love flowers and I'd love to buy him some. When I told him once (as a joke, you know, to "test" his opinion ..) he said: "That's a gay thing!" .. Awesome. I guess I'll just enjoy the flowers he buys me... and share 'em with him. (huge smile)
   Writing?... For my Eddie, that's not a challenge, that's a curse. On the other side, me? I love writing. You can imagine, in our relationship how things went, can't you? Considering the fact that we had a relationship at distance from the start, well.. e-mails and stuff were vital. I appreciate how much he tried to please me with pretty decent (as length) mails, and sometimes I'm amazed how much he can write. But that's just sometimes. Lately, we barely sent emails to each other. I don't blame him, I perfectly understand we both are busy and tired, I'm just saying.. sometimes, I would love to have a longer mail from him. This is one of the reasons why I'm so happy to be with him: I'll be able to read him with just one look. No words necessary. 
    I guess this is too much explanations for just 2 thoughts. Today was Ocean Day. Uhum, we went to the shore. Ocean is freezing ( I don't get the idea, it's July for God's sakes!) and I slept on the beach for like 3 hours. Perfect
    Off to bed: tomorrow, I'm packing!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Bound Forever

Three things you might not know:
* I thought you were really handsome from the first time I saw you;
* I was trying to find a signature with your last name since we started to talk, even though I did it as something fun, deep down in my heart I was hoping that will come true one day;
* when you hugged me first time ever, I felt like I was fitting perfectly in your arms. Like I was especially made for those arms. 
    I was planning tomorrow to finish packing so Sunday I'll have the day to relax a lil bit, and on Monday to clean up and leave everything nice. It wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow we're off to the Seaside Heights and Atlantic City, people. Fun day, huh!?.. I guess... At least I hope to get a nice tan. You know what's the most exciting thing?... Time's just flying and on Tuesday I'll be in my beloved fiance's arms. Best place ever to be. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fantastic Four

Four fantastic days:
* when I met you for the first time ever;
* our first date in the park;
* the day you asked me to be your wife;
* the day when I'll become Mrs S. (soon, very soon...)
        I was sick today. Maybe stress and nights with no good sleep, who knows? I know I feel like a shipwreck! At least tomorrow is the last day of work. That'll be something... And tomorrow I hope I'll get to talk with Eddie, since he's gonna work on Saturday (wedding photos, again). I'm reading  3 really good books, I'd tell you the titles but they are in Romanian and I'm not sure they've been translated yet. Anyway, they are awesome! I don't know which one to pick up first.. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi Five!

Five things I should say more often:
* "You're my precious";
* "I trust you";
* "I am so proud of you";
* "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you";
* "You are the perfect fiance, and will be the best husband in the world".
    Just 5?! That's not fair. I love it when the time goes so quick, but there are so many other things I should say more often, and I feel bad I couldn't put them all here. No biggie, I will make sure to say 'em all next week, when I'll finally be in his arms. 
      About the picture? Oh gosh!!! Don't even ask. We were tired that night.. at Bible Study. Can't remember exactly who took the picture or when, my memory is blurry... And, for now, I think this is a start: our first photo when we're both serious. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hold My Heart

         Six things I miss:
* long walks in down town holding your hand;
* watching movies late at night;
* waking up at your kiss;
* talking about anything and everything for hours;
* wearing your shirts;
* praying with you;
       Making the last shoppings, and trying to fit everything in just 2 big suitcases and carry on luggage, well, that can be a challenge!!! I thought I'd successfully fail to post every day. Seriously? Trying to say something worth saying each day is a lot more easier than trying to have to fit tons of anythings in your luggage. Eddie was right: I need a whole plane for myself. I'm wondering when am I going to finish packing and how many things I'll forget. I should make a list. Again... my life is only lists, lists, lists. And everything is a beautiful mess in my head. I'd lie if I'd say I love it, but I don't dislike it. What I really deeply dislike is that summer's almost gone (just ONE month of it?!?!) and the days started to get shorter and shorter. I want sun rising at 4am and a sunset at 9-10pm, even later. That's magical! 

Monday, July 26, 2010


           Seven ways to show my love to you:
- write you emails every day;
- kiss you all the time;
- listen to you (you know it's hard for me to just stop talking);
- hold your hand all the time;
- send you a text message only to tell you I love you;
- dress nice for you;
- bring your breakfast in bed.
         Oh, and that's all? Just seven? That was hard! I couldn't decide which one to put down and which one not. There are just 7 days more. As a matter of fact, next Monday, at this time I'll be on the plane... I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it.
         Today was pretty awful. I found out some things that upset me, but my sis, Mary, she's been there for me, thanks Mary can't wait to see you and give you a huge bear hug for all you've done for me so far. And all the things you're gonna do... She's a big helper with wedding planning. It's essential to have somebody already married to help you out. Only a girl who's been bride can think of all those details that make weddings so gorgeous.
        Frankie is getting bigger and bigger. I love spending time with him. I love cause he doesn't mind when I kiss him while he's sleeping. As long as I hold him in my arms, I can do whatever I wanna do. Anna is so funny, too. She wants to spend so much time with me and we play a lot! Today was tickling day. I'll miss the guys from here. But I'll be happy to be next to my man!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jesus Rules!

         Why do they having packing rules when you fly somewhere? I think they did this just to piss me off and stress the heck out of me! Oh yeah, little bastards, I got y'all! Just devils with angelic faces and plastic smiles.
      I'm kidding. But, seriously, how in the world am I gonna do it? I pack, unpack, pack again, give mom more clothes/stuff to bring me when she comes... I'd like to say "so far, so good" but not really. This next week will go like crazy, and I already feel tired. At least, one good thing in all this mess: I still weight 138 lbs after every single day of this week I ate home made bread (Romanian style - delicious!), no exercise, no walking, and ate chocolate and drank coke. I thought I went back to my 142lbs, but I guess God wanted me happy today. Motivated. I'm tired and I talk nonsense, so stare at the picture till tomorrow. I promise I love this one!
      Oh, I forgot to mention about the T-shirts. They are a gift from my sister, special for me and Eddie. How nice is that, huh?! I'll miss her and everybody here. Frankie is getting bigger and bigger, Jo says he looks like he's 3 months by now. He's only 1 week and 5 days. I love to give him kisses while he's sleeping in my arms. And I adore the fact that it doesn't bother him to be kissed that much. He seems to enjoy it. Awesome!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Splendid Day...

with the girls. We went down town Philly, great adventure for me as a "new" driver in big cities. It was really really really hot, but my new sandals felt so good on my feet!!! The girls made me a surprise... and this was my "bridal shower":). We took lots of pictures (I'll post some when I'll get 'em!), ate at Olive's Garden, and hey! I got my first ticket! That's something. No, I'm not exciting, but I was just thinking yesterday at work what great it was not to get any tickets and I've been driving for more than 1 year. 
       After Philly, we went to the Romanian Baptist Church in Paoli, Pa, there was a youth meeting with the youth from Pa, NJ(me and Jo), NY, Maryland and some other state, I forgot. We had a great time, and God was there with us, He blessed our time together as we worshiped and listened to His word.
   I can say, this day, was a great day!

PS: The picture was taken last year in Real, it's a combination of Walmart and ShopRite. And no, don't look for it in the States, cause the picture was taken in Romania, obviously.
Oh, and by the way... I find it very uncomfortable when people are asking me if I'm coming back. Or when they ask how am I gonna stay separate of my husband. I tell everyone that, whatever God has planned for us, we will do it. I'm not sure what's the next step (after marriage) but I know He's in control and HE takes care of every little thing in our lives, what would I stress about it?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sun In My Eyes..

    ...and dreams in my heart!
       It was nice today... Everything good at work, at home we had fun, and our newest, sweetest attraction is Frankie. He's such a sweetheart! I don't know what am I gonna do without him. Somebody told me to make one of my own. I guess she was kidding. My dad took us to the park and had McDonald's ice cream (our fav!!), had fun with Anna at the swings... but the best part of the day was when I talked with Eddie... obviously!
    Can't wait for tomorrow, so Sunday can come to talk to Eddie again. And then, it will be just one more week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

10, And Not As A Grade!

            Ten days !!! Saturday - lunch with the girls, then youth conference, Sunday - church + talk with Eddie (I hope), Monday to Friday - work, Saturday - done with packing, Sunday - Reading at the Romanian church and yaay!!! Monday - departure!! :d Wow, I have a busy week ahead of me, but that's fine.
       Time is flying!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mystery Solved

              There are eleven (11) more days. You know, I just found out today, my miracle year should've been the most awful year of my life. People I trusted most let me down in the most painful ways, those who I was counting on, left me alone exactly when I needed their advice, and people dear to my heart, when I needed to do something on my own, just came up with unnecessary, bad advice and they were the ones that got mad when I said "No" to some things. So what's up with all these 6 year old behavior, anyway? Friends were supposed to help each other, not give bad advice, to be truly happy for each other, support and so on. This year I got the most fake part of people thought were more than friends. That should hurt, huh? Especially when they supposably want to help me with my wedding, but they give me only the wrong ideas and and try to make my wedding something that's not like me. This year was the final test for those really really few persons I have close to my heart, and surprisingly (or not!), they failed. A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Ok, till now everything was kinda normal. I've learnt it so good over the years: people DO let you down, especially those you care the most and trust the most. So, painfully, but nothing out of ordinary. What's unusual, is me. Yeah, with all the stress and sleep lack, I thought I'd be down, down. Fortunately, there are tons of people who want to help me and they do it from the bottom of their hearts and with a dedication that lets me speechless. I learnt to cherish them. And respect 'em. And love 'em. I'm hurt of all bad things this year brought in my way, but there are people in my life that, even if they weren't the closest to my heart, they'd been there and helped my wounds to heal. And the beautiful part is that, they have no idea of their role in my life. They are more than helpers with my wedding, or just "ideas generators". Slowly, they become part of my small circle of trusted friends
        And, how can I be down when I'm getting married to the most handsome, cute, smart, funny, talented, caring, sweet, strong, charming, understanding man on Earth? 
         No, I'm not cheating. Those are our hands, so there's still a picture with us. Eddie's holding my hand. And it says there: nothing can wrest me away from your love's embrace. how precious... 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Confusing Countdowns

       So, who cares if there are 11 or 12 more days?.. I have the feeling I forgot even my name. There are so many things to do, I feel my brain melting. And the hot weather is not helping at all. But I don't mind. If that means I can turn into some small thing that doesn't feel anything but Eddie's love, than, let it be! I'm kidding. And, by the way, don't even ask what I wanted to say cause I don't know. Don't worry, I think lately the pictures were more clear than my talking.
     Going back to countdown, I am really confused because I don't know if I should count till August 2nd or 3rd. On 2nd is my leaving, but I'll actually see Eddie on the 3rd. Ok, ok, that's crazy. But every second counts!!! Cannot wait to spend the rest of my life next to him. He's my unexpected gift and I cherish him. My life would be meaningless without him. Somebody told me once to marry the person I cannot live without. When I realized we were about to start planning the wedding, I asked myself to picture my life without him. Just a test, you know. I love challenges. Guess what! It was the only time in my life when I loved to fail a test! I couldn't imagine myself without him. So, once again: HE'S THE ONE! And I'm so happy and pleased and blessed and ... speechless, breathless, oh, no words to describe the feeling! 
Time for bed, now. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Weeks From Today.

          Sometimes I wonder how we all got to this point of madness. Today, pictures of last 2 years spent in Romania kept coming thru my head over and over again. And for a second, I would have the chance to feel the smell of the city.. feel the heat of the sun.. hear the sound of people walking, talking, laughing. It was interesting and pretty creepy in the same time.
        I have so many things going on, and I find myself less efficient at work. Shame on me!!!

Little Girl: So, when does the sun shines on my street? 
Stranger: Whenever you let it. It's up to you, girl.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last One

        I have no pictures with her, but we got a phone call this morning: our third niece was born today. She's the youngest, now... Her name is Betty and I'm sure she's a cutie pie!
        In 20 minutes I gotta get ready, and I have no clue what to wear (typical me!).

     I love when he makes me laugh like that... :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Life

            Isn't he cute when he does stuff like these?... He named this photo "my life". How can I just not melt when I see it?!.. Boys are not as romantic as the girls, but when my sweet Eddie does something romantic, I just instantly melt. And I love it cause it comes when I expect it less. This guy is a keeper!... I'm the most blessed girl in the entire Universe. Because of him. of his love.
           I didn't feel good today, I stayed in bed almost all day long, but I loved it cause I talked with my precious fiance, and we had a good time, you know, after 3 weeks of not seeing each other, the conversation on Skype today was like a summer rain. Very very very refreshing. Speaking about summer... This week I was a part of something really really really awesome. Probably the most awesome thing in my life. It was 5:45 am (when I usually go for my walk), I was ready to enter in my sister's house when suddenly I looked at the sky, and for a second I was breathless. You know those pictures with blue skies and you put the sepia tone on them? That was the color of the sky... with a perfectly semi round rainbow on it. I've never seen a whole rainbow (the half of the circle) in my entire life. And never seen a rainbow that early in the morning... The sun was barely rising. That was a miracle for me... from God, to remind me He's still there and He still takes care of me. My whole week just got brighter.
            Tomorrow I'll be out of town State, again. It's a baptism at the Romanian church in Reading, Pa and we attend it. I'm tired, and tomorrow will be an awfully long day... but I'm not gonna think I gotta go to work on Monday!
         Have a nice, cool/warm Sunday.

Friday, July 16, 2010


          You know what's funny?... Today is 16th of July, and there are 16 more days before I leave. I'm so tired, and I have such a bad head ache ... definitely not my day today.

PS: Today is my sister's birthday, too. Happy Birthday Emi!! Can't wait to see you and your family.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Details...

       So he is the "details" I was talking about some days ago. Yep, he's my youngest nephew, the 12th :). Isn't he adorable?.. I know, I know, he's chubby, but not fat. I adore him. Today, I got the chance to hold him. It's been so long since I've hold a 2 days old baby in my arms, I was so nervous... My sister said I'd look good as a mom. Thanks... Tomorrow he's be coming home so we're gonna make a Welcome Home party. I love him.

 Look how sweet he's looking at his mom, like he'd actually understand her. 

Even if my heart is melting, I didn't forget about today's photo...It's crazy when I think there are just 17 days left.. Where did the time go!?.. But I don't mind.. Being with Eddie is the best time in my life. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Happiness

          So, yesterday was full!!! My sis has been in labor since last morning, and today she finally had her baby boy! I'd post a picture of him too, but I have none. So, today I babysat my nieces. Anna (the little one) was so nervous when she saw her little brother. Actually, he wasn't that small... He weighted 8lbs and 12 oz and 21 1/2 inches. I'm happy and tired.
    Picture was taken last year, on our anniversary. Oh, how I miss him... We spent the day walking, taking picture, having fun... and had dinner at his brother's house. Oh, and I forgot about the walk on downtown with his cousins... It was fun :). I cherished that day spent with him. Cherished every single second.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Road Trip...

Budapest, last year... more details, tomorrow... 

Monday, July 12, 2010

One More Down...

        I used to love those glasses. Now I'm glad i lost 'em. For some reason, I always lost my sun glasses. That's weird, huh?.. You know, back then I thought I had looong hair... now, when I see the picture, I just smile. My hair is down to half of my back. And I love it. We had a very nice conversation after we took this one. Actually, in that day, became clearer and clearer he's the one for me. I didn't even realize it, I was so nervous 'cause I was with him. After couple of days, when I got home and actually took time to think about our first time when we met, it just clicked in my mind (and heart, too): "I'm gonna marry this boy one day!" And here we are... with less than two months till our wedding. Isn't it beautiful? I think it's magical. Love is awesome!
song of the day - because when you kiss me, the world just goes away... 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long Day, Long Journey

     He who said every day is special in its own way, did not lie. There are exactly two more months and it'll be happening... our wedding... our journey together, as a family. How awesome does that sound?!.. Perfect. I tell you, guys... I don't realize it now, with all this fuss, but it'll be so great when I'll be able to present myself as Mrs. S. I'm so excited that makes me nervous.
    I had a long day, woke up at 6, went in Reading, Pa (almost 2 hours drive) to the Romanian church, had lunch with some friends over there, watched the game... yeah, by the way, I know for Americans soccer doesn't mean much, but for Europeans, is the most important sport, so indulge me to say, I enjoyed that game even if I was expecting something more... In the end Spain won (as we predicted), and now it's the world champion for the next 4 years. I was happy. Their goalkeeper was awesome.. excellent! Eddie was sad, though. He wanted Netherlands to win, cause Germany lost the chance to win the gold. Anyway, I loved to watch the game, it was fun, and what was even funnier, the guys I watched with... the guys from church, and believe it or not, but the girls were louder than the men. Imagine it!!! :)
   Now, I'ma head to bed, I'm tired. Still, didn't want to skip this day either.

PS: I forgot to mention the great food we ate (romanian ladies know to cook sooooooo good!!yummie! ) and the good sermon from this evening...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twenty Three

        I guess you already got used with it: my life is Eddie. This post will be a 2 in 1 (so I can make up for the lost one on Friday).
    Twenty three is such a great number for me, not only that 2 x 3 = 6(my birthday) but 23rd January is our anniversary. And, everything 23 is magical for me. I'm sure I sound like a maniac, but that's not all. This is a very special post because there are 23 more days and finally, I'll be in Eddie's arms! Isn't it awesome?..
     I feel sorry for you, guys, who read my blog, you gotta "hear" over and over again the same things. Like it or not, this is my life. And I started this blog to write about me. I know it sounds selfish, but I need it.
      Anyway, today was nice. It rained, but it was warm. I drove with no shoes on. Feels great. I spent time with my nieces, they are so funny, they got the "wedding fever" from me, and they started to plan their weddings... at 13!! I was laughing with my sister: "First, you need a fiance, my darling." She was cute, though.
      I walked 3 miles today, and exercised like 30 minutes. I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow. The feeling is great, though.
       I miss Eddie. I talked with him today... just a lil bit. He was happy Germany won some soccer game. Don't ask me, I have no idea what he was talking about, but hearing his voice was amazing. Calmed me down and gave me energy in the same time. Tomorrow he'll be home. I really hope he gets some rest tonight.
*sight* Can't wait to see him again... *dreamy eyes..*

I know...

   I know, I know, I forgot the one for yesterday... I was tired... and I went to bed early... and I just woke up, for a long day.. so, because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll just let it speak.... :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Travel Fun?...

      Yeah baby we travel in style! See, I got red luggage.. like a lady. (smile) I love how our shoes pair.. We had fun on the train last year... From now on, we'll get just ONE (big) luggage, and he's gonna carry it... what a relief!! (kidding).
      I don't know what I was telling my sister about him, but couldn't find a better picture of us at that train station. Still, those mountains in the back were really cool (yeah, they look like hills, but they only look ). *sigh* I miss my country...

PS?? ... twenty six more days...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Picture Me Pretty...

    Thought I forgot?.. Nah, I just was busy. Tomorrow Eddie leaves to Germany with his work, and he'll be back some time on Sunday. So, one more weekend with no Eddie. Ok, I'll wipe my tears away and keep myself busy with wedding plans, packing, dreaming, spending time with my family from here, etc...
    I know this pic is not the best, but I wanted to show you guys how much this guy loves me: last year when I was in Romania, he followed me everywhere with the camera and actually, took pictures of me. It can be pretty embarrassing to know he has his computer filled with not only your best pictures, but you know what?! I miss those days... We had fun..
      Stay as much as you can in the swimming pool and .. eat lots of watermelon (like I do!).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ring With A Question

    It is very possible I put this one more time here, but I love how the ring looks. Back then, it was brand new... and fit perfectly on my finger. (still does) I'll never forget that night, it was perfect.. I love you, hon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Year..

   I know it's blurry, but who cares? I have the cutest boyfriend!! :) In a previous post I told you a lil bit about my trip to Romania last year, when we met(over an year ago) and back then, he proposed to me. No, not in that night, I was dressed nicer.. Since then, he's my fiance, not my boyfriend anymore. But, I wear this T-shirt every time I have the chance. I love to have the opportunity to show people what handsome I've got! *wink* 

  Twenty eight more days...

Yep, Eddie... God gave me you! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Because ...

      I know I usually don't post twice a day, but this morning I was almost late for church. Still, didn't want to miss it.. Anyway, the thing is: last night, I was talking with maDa(the one in the left) and she sent me this picture. My reaction?.. "Wow, we were so happy here!!" The truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, we were happy. We still are. What's the difference then, huh?! - you might ask. Well, the difference is that we grew up. We faced the problems of life. We climbed scary mountains. We won battles. Sometimes we lost. I am happy, and I love every single moment of my life, but sometimes is so easy to start worry. I'll keep this picture next to my sight, so I can always remember how happy I can be.
      ... because life is a gift; and friendship is a butterfly on my shoulder.

No Comment

           I just want to say this picture, Eddie made it. And it's gorgeous, I love it. (especially the photo with him).
Happy 4th of July, people!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Do List:

 - finish to clean up my room;
 - start thinking what really worth to take to Romania;
 - listen music.. lots of it;
 - decide on decorations and some details of wedding;
 - place some orders at some of the decorations;
 - think about Eddie;
 - AC Moore, Party City, Michael's, for some price checks... and some more shopping;
 - exercise + treadmill;
 - decide what to wear tomorrow;
 - enjoy the sun;
 - write e-mail to Orsi (my future sis-in-law, and my hugest helper with the wedding - lots of thanks Orsi!! I appreciate it!);
 - write e-mail to maDa;
 - hopefully, talk with my sis, or, write e-mail to her/them;
 - play with Anna;
 - help Betty make home made cheese steak;
 - enjoy the day off and every single thing I'm planning on doing today. Even the vacuuming.

     I like this one right here... it's a picture of one of our pictures. Confusing, right? Well, more confusing is the illusion.. everybody thinks they are real chairs, and I love to hear them wow-ing when they see it. Actually, these two frames are a part of my 20th birthday. My sister, Betty, copied a photo of me and Eddie, cut it and put 'em in there. Don't you think that's brilliant? I love the idea!!:) I took the picture one night when I was bored, I put the chairs next to the wall, in a corner, and if you don't look carefully, you won't even realize they are like 10" high. Sweet. Now, you already saw my to do list, gotta go, gotta go!!.. Have a happy 4th of July weekend, guys!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Places!

    This one is from our last trip to my oldest sister, before I left Romania first time. It was in the morning, and we were watching the sun rising. Magic moments.. I cannot keep myself from putting another 2-3 pics from that trip. It was precious. Had a good time and now, looking at these pictures again, I can't help but getting a lil bit wistful.

    I love him here. No more words, what can I say?!..I just love you, Eduard!

   Don't you think we would look good with kids?... Yep, those are three of my sister's kids, the 4th one was just a lil baby back then, and now she's expecting the 5th one. It seems like I have enough nephews and nieces, so for now, no kids for me! (even though, I want one..)

   That's too much information and too many pictures, don't you think?! Got bored?!.. Listen to this: 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happiness, anyone?!...

I tell you, people, I enjoyed that kiss like never. It was right before I got on the plane to come to States. 
(two years ago)
          Happiness is:
- a second spent with you;
- your arms around me when I'm scared;
- your voice in the morning;
- my lips on yours (and yes, that's a special kiss);
- remembering every single second with you, and reliving 'em;
- imagining how our next date will be;
- anticipating your happiness when I prepare a surprise for you;
- all your special smiles you have and share 'em all with me;
- wearing your clothes, even though I just bought them and you haven't even had the chance to try 'em on;
- picking outfits together;
- knowing what you think;
- ...and what you want;
- ...and do it!!!
- falling asleep next to you;
- and waking up in the same spot: next to you;
- when you pull me next to you, in a strong, yet sweet kinda way;
- walking down the street, holding your hand and talking nonsense;
- everything that means you;
- loving you.
        Happiness is feeling your love, sharing it, and walking thru life together.