Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday morning feelings

           The moment I like the most in our house is when we start the fire in the tile stove. Built out of clay, tile or earthenware, tile stoves are as old as Romans. They used to be the main heater in the house, because of their very long flue, which wound back and forth inside the structure, these could be heated for some hours with a small amount of light fuel. Like almost all old technology, tile stoves are used even nowadays. At least here, in Romania, people depend on them very much. Me and Hubby live in a very old house, so, naturally, we heat ourselves with one piece of tile stove. And I love it. I’ve always lived in an apartment, and in States we had a heating system pretty cool, so I have never had the chance to realise how cool is this! I love it because of the feeling I get when I see the fire and the sound of wood burning, the sweet light and the heat… I’ve always loved the fireplaces, and wished to have one in my house, so I guess this little tile stove is like a replacement for it. I can imagine thousands of stories about families and moments around this wonderful thing that provides a home its warmth. I could just stay there and stare at the dancing flames, listening to the stories they say. It’s magical. 
      Sometimes I wonder how many times we pass by all kind of small things that seem unimportant, but they have such a meaning in our lives. How many times we take for granted everything? And how many times we take time to stop and really look, really listen, really be there.
      Today, is a sunny day. I’ll enjoy it!


  1. wishing to be there with a hot cup of coffee and chatting with u or just staying and listening the music of the fire...

  2. Hey, you were here with me, remember?... We were both on skype, chatting like girls do. Oh, sorry, that was on Friday.. :">

  3. oooooo, so I would have felt the smell of the fire, wouldn't I? but I felt only the taste of my coffee. But was great chatting with u.
    So anytime I chat with u on skype remember me of u'r "fireplace":)))

  4. btw, I did't know that the stoves are so old...
    I was always thinking about Roman houses as 'very cold houses'. I was shivering just thinking of them:)))

  5. Yep, my sister, I was confused too when I found out... :)) I tried to find a year and more details about it, but I didn't really have time. When I'll find out more details I'll let you know ;)..


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