our love story

         Our story started on a cold winter day, on Yahoo messenger -  just a chat. He got my ID from his cousin (or my sister, I can't remember). His name was Eduard (I called him Eddie). Weird enough, I don't remember too much of our first conversations. What I clearly remember, is how talking with him made me feel - secure, confident, beautiful and strong. So I kept logging in to have another chat. He was cute handsome. And funny. I was serious... too serious. Couple weeks later, he called me. I was nervous I could barely talk... but we kept talking. And, on January 23rd 2007 he told me he loves me. I told him I didn't know if I loved him... since then, everything just came natural... our 10 minutes phone calls became 1 hour phone calls. The little chats became long nights spend on Ymessenger laughing and sharing. And the e-mails.. how I cherished them!!!... 
          Three months later, we met. That year, the youth conference was only 30 miles away from his home town (Oradea, Ro). I thought it was fate. Now I know God made it that way. Got on the train and went to see him for the first time (I was shy, he was wonderful). And he presented me to his family. I know, long-distance relationships are odd. Then, he surprised me traveling 14 hours across Romania just to see me. And, my best friend from high-school sent him to the wrong address. He was so adorable, standing just couple blocks down the street with a rose in his hand and a backpack on his shoulder. And he met some of my family. 
           That summer I learnt so many things: how much it hurts to miss someone, how hard is a long-distance relationship, God listens to your prayers (I always wanted a boyfriend from another city - not that far, though..), how love comes when you expect less. The highlight of that summer was my sister's wedding, when he met my parents. And they loved him. I was so relieved, even though I could see it on my parents' attitude, they didn't think it would last. 
           That year went by so quick, and I've started to realize how wonderful love can be. In 2008, after finishing high-school, I moved to USA. Worst timing in the world. I was wrestling with God, why? But he was supportive. 
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            In the summer of 2009, I went to Romania for my sister's wedding. And I spent as much time with him as I could. Right before I left, he popped the question. Next to a lake, the moon was up, the stars were bright and fireflies were like fireworks. It was surreal. He was the one! I've been aware of that since I saw him first, but right then, in that moment, he was getting more serious. I left Romania that year with a broken heart. 
               On September 11th, 2010 our story didn't begin (click on the picture to see more pictures from our day). It just continued. I spent 6 sweet months with my brand new husband. If someone tells you marriage is only fun and happiness, don't believe that person. It was hard, but wonderful. Precious moments of cuddling together, not so great moments when we couldn't understand each other, but it all sums up with love and forgiveness. Marriage is about learning to forget about yourself and be all about the other. 
              In January 2011 I came back to the States. Strangely, I wasn't heart broken. Our prayers helped me to keep it together. I had hope. I knew God wouldn't let us stay apart too much. Taking in consideration that I waited for my papers 6 years, that was kinda insane. But I didn't care. I knew something was going to happen. And Eddie was beyond my expectations. Three months later, and the miracle happened: I was driving through a thunderstorm towards JFK to pick up my beloved from the airport. Thinking of it right now, I see the similarity of the weather that day and our story. It has never been easy, but we kept going on. Step by step. In faith. With patience. No, it wasn't perfect, but it was extraordinary because it was with God. 
             Today, we are together. Still in love. Still taking one step at a time... and trusting our Maker.


  1. I haven't known your story (what a shame), although I'm Eddie's cousin... It's such a great one ^_^

  2. This is great!
    So similar to our love story!
    We met online, fell in love before we met, and were married a year later! I moved to Connecticut from Michigan ( 12 hours by car .
    The things we do for love! :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

    1. It's so good when I meet people who had a long distance relationship. It's like a connection knowing they shared the same great and not so great moments like we did. At least, something similar...:)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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