Wednesday, December 1, 2010

romanian day...

              For couple of days, everything becomes Romanian. And lovely. Romanian and lovely. Odd, but true, everyone is a patriot. Even for a day each year. All Romanian world around sing from the bottom of their hearts the National Hymn, cry and miss their country even if they're home. For one day, everything is about Alba Iulia, about what have been and what's left. On a cold cold day, nobody care about the weather, and everyone is fascinated with the parade. The ( not so ) big people of Romania go in front of thousands of people and tell their speeches with so much passion, then we all sing all kind of patriotic songs, and cry again. We go home, impressed and deeply touched. Splendid day. When Romania became Romania. Such a pity (that) Romania doesn't really exist anymore. After this day, when all are in love with their country ( president, politicians, military, doctors, kids, moms, dads, teachers, brothers, sisters, even the homeless guys), everybody takes its usual course. Nobody cares about anything else than "what can I do for me?". 
I wish that the Romanians would never stop being Romanians. 

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