Wednesday, December 22, 2010

would you do it?

            I've always liked when people can connect other passages from the Bible with Christmas. At first sight, there's nothing there about a manger, baby Jesus, angels and so on. And then, at the second look, there's everything about Jesus and His birthday. Last Sunday was one of these kinds of sermons. The pastor talked about the rights Jesus has disclaimed to come here, among us, have nothing and redound us. If you stay 2 minutes to think, it might change your life. So, He, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, He had everything, and I mean it, He had power, He didn't own 3 houses... He own the Universe. Can you imagine that? Then, think about this: He came on earth, with nothing. Even the manger he was put in, wasn't his. Then, He grew up and you know the rest of the story. If you look close enough, you'll realize all His life He owned nothing. Now, my question is: "would you do it?". If you were Jesus, would you have done it?
          Christmas is about learning to be unselfish. Christmas is a miracle. Think about it: a virgin gives birth to a little boy, puts it in a manger. Shepherds seeing angels, and they were singing. Three wise-men following a star. Then, Herod kills lots of babies, but the only one who he wanted dead, is alive. And how Mary and Joseph got to go to Bethlehem, so Jesus would be born there.
          Let's spread around the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas!!
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  2. Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for the links, I'll check them out. Come by again.


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