Sunday, February 28, 2010


      Can you imagine my happiness when I was invited to my 13year-old niece sleepover for her birthday?I guess this gives me the title of a "cool aunt" huh?!You can imagine my reaction and how good I felt when she told me she wants me to her sleepover.
    Ok, let's start with the beginning.Today is her birthday, she turns 13.Her mom told her she can have a sleepover with all of her friends on Friday night(cause they don't have school or church the next day).And there she goes out of the blue: "Mom, do you think Vio would wanna come, too?" ...Her mom, and my sister was surprised: "I don't know.Ask her, and you'll see". When I came home from work there she goes pops up the question.I was like:"You really wanna have your 20 year old aunt at YOUR party?!".Of course, I couldn't say no to her, and on Friday night, I took my time to stay up till 2:30 with them and watch a movie, make a video...kind of make..because they made up all the lines and moves and everything, and as soon as they wanted to record it the battery died!...
    What can I say.Definitely was different than how my sleepovers used to be, but I enjoyed it.And I embraced the fact that even we are different generations, we still can adopt ourselves.I tried my best, they definitely loved my reindeer pj's and we made kind of a Christmas themed pajamas since one of them had candy cane pjs, and another one had snowman pjs..
    I guess that's enough about sleepover, I won't start telling you how we used to have fun at our sleepovers.Today we are celebrating Mary's birthday in the family and I gotta go help my sister get done those delicious cheese steak of hers.
     Till next time, take care and ENJOY!...Tomorrow's first day of Spring!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something pretty...

     Ok, so this is what I found out yesterday..Take a nice knitted beret, wear it proudly, and everybody will consider you look french.That easy!?..Well, at least that happened to me at work...and, believe me if I say I didn't wear my best outfit.Ok, I'll be honest till the end..actually, I wore the beret cause I had a bad hair day and when I woke up, I hoped nobody will notice me ...I can say I was happy when everybody LOVED it..not that I care (much) about what people think about me...
    Speaking of thinking....indeed, it can drive you crazy!Lately, it's been lots of thinking for me, and yes, sometimes it's good, it helps you find solutions for problems, but oh, man, I'm afraid I'm gonna go crazy one day.No, that's too much, but seriously, sitting in a chair, with my headphones on all day long, it damages my brain cells...I need some IQ challenging questions around me:).
     Eeehh, I have no idea what I'm trying to say, it's almost midnight, I gotta finish Eddie's mail, read something for school, go to bed and tomorrow wake up at 5:30(treadmill time!!)...I am praying I will have enough time to post something worth reading in a couple of days, till then, take care, thanks for reading, eat fruits and enjoy the last days of February!!!:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

one last wish...

is to have all my sisters and my brother to my wedding.
I promise I won't transform this blog in a wedding blog, at least this is my intention, folks.But honestly now, how many of you didn't have at your wedding all your family?You know how much that hurts, right?I'm hoping and praying for a miracle!..It would be like one last chance to be all together...last time when that happened it was at my bro's wedding, 11 years ago.And since then, all my sisters got married(but me:)!).Ok, I guess I'll go to the next topic, so this post won't be so tear-y ...
       Guess what I found out tonight!!!....I'm so excited, my favorite worship band ever will be on Pa this April!!!That means so CLOSE to me, I WILL GO!I've missed like 3 times Hillsong United's concerts, won't happen this time!!!Can't wait to go, oh, this just brighten up my day!!:)
         I really need to loose some pounds, so anyone who has any (fun) ideas, and/or something else that would help...I know the basics, eat healthy and sweat a lot!:)...
   ... enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yes, I DO!

               First, I said "Yes!" and this year I'll say "I DO!" ... got it!:)...I didn't know how or when to let you guys know about my happiness here, I'm not good with making announcements, but  ahem .. yes, we are getting married . This year, on September 11th we will say "I do!" and I will be Mrs. Eduard Schuster.How cool sounds that, huh!?...I'm in love even with his name!...(but I love the person more!).We started planning, and soon I'll start looking for my dress and I really need to loose some pounds before that(any advice is welcomed!). I tried with diets.They don't work for me...Anyway, there are so many things to take care of, I'm all excited about it, and who would ever think there are so many details in a wedding ?!... oh, that's confusing!...
    I'm so tired that one day this week, I came home from work, went to bed and wake up next felt sooo good, but when I remembered all the things I should've done that night and now I need to catch up...well, I'm not complaining, I just say it's awesome and amazing, stressful and exciting, a new adventure that I'm more than ready to experience(or not).The idea is, I am ready to face everything with Eddie next to me.I know God wants us together and I know He is the one who can sort things out no matter how messy can they seem for us!...
   So, the song of the day is for Eddie(of course!)...

PS: I might've put this song on one of my previous posts, but I don't care.That song is for Eddie!And is SO TRUE!...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skipped Valentine's Day.

         I know, after this post I might be classified one of the "love haters", but I need to get it out of my heart.First, I LOVE love.I'm in love with being in love.All the feelings, the thoughts, how it can change you, everything about being in love is just awesome.And here we are, making a special day for love and lovers.Just ONE special day?!...I am lucky and privileged to say I celebrate love 364(365) days/year.I don't need a special day to tell my hubby-to-be that I love him.Still, like my bff wrote on her blog, every year I enjoy the magic of this day, but I deff enjoy the splendor of love every second of other days, too.
      This year, for some "unspoken" reasons, I wished to skip Valentine's Day.First thing it was because I was so far away from Eddie, and it's getting harder and harder each day to spend the whole day without even meeting him at least 15 minutes.Actually, this was the big reason why I thought I'd feel uncomfortable, and do I need a better reason?I don't think so...Of course, at radio and everywhere I heard only love songs and everybody was all excited about Valentine's Day, so my try to ignore it, failed.So, I ended up reading Song of Songs and writing a special mail to Eddie.:) I am the luckiest girl ever to have such a man besides me, I feel honored I know him, being able to be part of his life, and I am so proud of him when I look at Eddie now and see how much he'd grown up since three years ago when I met him.
         It has been a busy week for me, so now I'll just hit the bed and take a deserved sleep so in the morning I'll be fresh and ready for the new week.:)Hopefully, next post will be more understandable..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An award

                   Today when I got home from work I had 22 mails.I felt so good until I realized almost all of it was just junk mail.But one comment on my blog just made my day. Sitka @ All God's Creatures gave an award.Suddenly, I wasn't that tired anymore.Thank you Sitka very much.I'm not really good with awards and stuff, but I am glad to pass it to everybody who reads my blog.Enjoy it.:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


              There is one point(or more) in everybody's life when they feel it's the right time to do something important.Like, finding yourself.Or searching what you are, what you need and what you want.Life's not getting easier at all.In times like these, I find it very unfair, but I guess I need to learn some lessons here.Sometimes, happiness comes with decisions I need to make.You think I said it backwards, don't you?But I meant it: now, happiness comes with decisions I need to make.I hate taking decisions.I am that kind of person who don't want to hurt anybody, I'd better be hurt than people around me.But now, things are so different than usual.It's not just about people around me, it's about my family and my family-to-be.I'm between the person who I love the most on this Earth(you guessed, it's Eddie) and my family.And don't think that far, nobody forced me to decide: family or Eddie.It's more complicated.At least, for me.And I hate it when I tell people a lil bit about my problems and they answer "I feel you." or "I understand you".The worst is "I can imagine what you're going thru".No, man, let me tell you, you don't understand not even a bit how hard it can be and what am I going thru, if you'd understood, just a pitch of it, you'd be crying, depressed, and I'm not sure you could handle it.Ok, I might take it to extreme, but still... I know they try to be nice with me, but I don't need them to be nice.I need the strength to make the right decision and I'm scared even if I'll have the wisdom to know which path to choose, I won't be strong enough to go on it.So scared that my heart starts beating really fast, my hands shake, I get dizzy and I see blurry.I've never been under such a pressure before.I guess, at least.And this is just because I realize it's a very important step in my life and I need to make it right.For me, for Eddie, for everybody.
            I can't write anymore.Probably I'll come with some more "details" about my life in this moment tomorrow or some time soon, I need to stop now.I want to know what next step will be, and I need to pray a lot.And first, to find me again.
      No song of the day today...Just lots of snow.
             Note to myself: Enjoy your life, even in the hard times.Never let anything to interfere your relationship with God.Keep going, never give up, you are a wonderful person and you can do anything.Love every single second of your life, never forget your beloved and settle down your priorities according to God's will.Learn how to listen God's voice and you'll have peace in your mind and joy in your heart.Be thankful for people let in your life to show to you His love for you.Cherish them.Love them, enjoy the time spent with them and miss them when they're apart.Talk.Listen.Sing and stay quiet.Run and play, but stay focused.
              Whatever I do, Eddie will always have all my love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Joyful Sunday

     I was thinking to write about something else today, but after I watched
this video, I couldn't write something more helpful and more uplifting for anybody.Please, I beg you, take 45 minutes out of your time and watch it carefully.
   God bless you and have a wonderful week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend start.

           It started to snow, here and it looks like I'm the only one excited about that.At least, I can say I am happy.I told you things at work will be ok.It's even better than I expected.I talked with Eddie today, finally!!!I miss him so much, can't wait to go there!!..And this day to be perfect, I spent a great time with my parents and my-next-door-sister.We laughed so hard, I got cramps.But I don't regret it.Now, I'm heading off to bed, tomorrow it'll be another full day.
      Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!!!...I'll enjoy the snow

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


       Finally, I got the chance to write here.Actually, the time.It's been a pretty rough time for me the last ..hmm let's say 3 weeks.Yes, that's like almost all this year.It is true, it's been a full year till now, and I'm as excited as I can be.I'm a lil bit sorry I don't really have enough time for studying, but I'm working on my schedule so everything will be done just in time.I'm full of "to do's lists", and I have no problem with that.(only if the head aches would be fewer...)
        I still can't believe one month of this year just passed by...It felt like a blink of eye.And I'm pretty much wondering what else I've done other than work and home.Ok, and church.Something productive.I guess I gotta organize myself better.organize...the word of the day.Actually, the word of the year!
      Tomorrow after work I'll go to get my hair done, I'm excited, can't wait to go there, I know I'll have a great feeling after that.I started my fight with the extra-pounds, too, and now, every morning I wake up at 5:30, exercise and/or go on the treadmill.Maybe you think I'm crazy, but show me a person who wanna start exercising after a full day at work.I know I can't do it.
      I miss childhood, and even being a lil bit younger, like 14-15.I miss those summers when I used to stay out all day long every day and play tons of games, some pretty interesting to the stupidest ones ever.I am still wondering how we could've invented such stupid games.But we had fun.We knew how to have fun.I watch these kids today, if they don't have internet, a laptop, a cellphone or I have no idea what other high-tec devices, they have no idea how to have fun.I remember, with just one rope we used to make up so many games...Oh, and the books, how many of them I used to read back then, I remember  I read "Gone with the wind" in one day and a half.All 4 volumes.And actually, that was an afternoon and a night.Today, they watch the movie.In 4 hours.And they don't know how much they loose.I guess this is their time, and they might have some fun, I don't know how much, but I know the 90's were priceless.I know I'll be jumping rope as soon as the weather gets warmer.I miss that so much.
       No part-time job for now:(.I keep applying at different stores, and no call back.First, I was pretty upset, but after that I said:"You know, God?I trust You.If You think what I have it's enough, than that's ok with me."I know He takes care of all my needs, as always.My full time work was pretty challenging, almost every day I felt like just leaving that place and never go back.I prayed so much to God to give me strength and patience.Things seem to go better this week, but still...maybe I need to get closer to God and this is one of His ways to draw me closer to Him.I am thankful for everything He gives me, even for this job.
        Now, the part I like the most: Eddie:).I think of him every single minute, I talk about him all the time, and I'm so excited about weekends cause that's the time when we can talk.He just turned 22 this last month(HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAVEHEART!) and I've been pretty down cause I couldn't be with him, like I planned.Distance and money(I hate them!!!).And last month was our anniversary, too.Three years together!..More apart than together, but our hearts have always been bounded.I can call myself the luckiest girl ever to have such a great man besides me.I have never been happier.
     Enjoy the song of the day, I love it, and I hope you'll like it too.