Thursday, November 25, 2010

"how do you..?" series

             Have you ever wondered what would you be without all the support you've got in your life from anybody around you? From the sweet cashier girl that told you sincerely what a good choice you took with that pale pink button up, or from that super nice talk from your boss? From the ones we barely notice to the ones we hope for and to the ones we need like a breath of fresh air. It gives you so much self-respect and self-confidence knowing others encourage what you think, you do, you chose. Receiving is easy-peasy, right?
            I'm just curious how you react when it comes your turn to support somebody. Anybody. Piece of cake? Not anymore, huh? Well, recently I've come around this problem, too. When Hubby came home from Germany, and he told me the boss from there is expecting him to go there again, next week, for another 4-5 days. I burst intro tears: "but, you've just been there for a WHOLE WEEK!!". Poor guy. Now I realize it's not easy for him, either, and he doesn't wish to be always away. After crying like half hour, I thought I could support him. Oh, man, was that hard!! And that's just a small example...
          How often do you say: "good job!" or " I know you can do it!"? Cliches? Yeah, maybe, but sometimes, a cliche, a pat on a shoulder, a smile, or even just a look could be more than enough.


  1. I've just listen a sermon by Andy Stanley about being grateful to the persons which constantly help us "moveing forward", even if we constantly don't realize it.
    Good point sis': sometimes an encouragement can be a big "thank you"!

  2. Can i just say BIG LIKE on Mary's comment!
    as for your post..we think alike again. just chek out my LOST GENERATION post!

    SO in order to follow ur advices and mary's also..I'll just say "I know you can be the bestest friend I'll ever have"


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