Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living Another Dream ?

        It's a big fuss this wedding, too. Like everything else. Although, usually we don't seem to pay that much attention, or to talk as much about everything else. But, honestly (and you don't have to tell me that), every single time you chose an outfit (speaking like a woman, again..) you thought about it very carefully with all the details, isn't it? A friend in need, is a friend indeed, my English teacher told me once. I was 15, and it took time to really understand what she wrote on my paper. Still, the friends you love more will let you down when you expect less, and most of the times, make a fool of you in front of others. Why would I bother with stuff like these when I have tons of things to get done?!.. Well, let's see: it's about my wedding. My sister keeps telling me life goes on and so should I. Whatever! To everything. I'm more disappointed than hurt, but at least I know whom I can count on. Sometimes, yes, I feel like my  life is just an unrealistic view of a dream becoming true. Parts of it, at least...
        On the other hand, living here again can be an adventure. It's been so cold for the past few days, and I brought with me only summer clothes, so imagine me wearing my mother-in-law's clothes. No, that's not an "unfashion" me, Eddie's mom is a super woman. I love her clothes. Too bad not all of them fit me. I love the fact we get along very good and I feel like I gained a new pair of parents, not in laws.
         You think I forgot to mention Eddie? Well, he's sweet!!! I'd need pages to tell you about him a lil bit, and I have no time now.
He's definitely a keeper!

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