Monday, May 20, 2013

Five star life

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        Lately, I’ve bought more stuff online than usually. At every purchase I was kindly asked to review my experience with the company. It’s not my favorite part of a transaction. And of course they asked. Everybody likes feedback (especially if it’s constructive). When you host a party, you can’t wait to hear the comments next day, can't you? That’s how you’ll know if it was a success or not.

         Which made me think of how would I rate my life? I started by asking myself: what are your priorities? Do you make things happen? (thanks, Lara Casey!!!) What are your values? Do you stay true to them? I realize I’m at an age when I want to do tons of things, thus I need to focus on what’s important. So, I made a list of priorities for myself to remind me what helps me having a 5 stars life. I stopped myself at 10 priorities. However, the first 3 are the most important. They will change over time, I’m sure. But for now, for the next 6 months, I know what brings value to my life. I’ll make decisions with that list in mind, and this way I’ll avoid spreading myself too thin trying to help everyone. Because being busy does not necessarily imply you actually have a life full of meaning.

What are the things that help you keep focused and motivated?

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