Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Maybe you wonder what struck me that I put that title, right?..Well, don't let it get too serious, cause I have an announcement to make... I'm going to have my eleventh nephew..or niece.We don't know yet, but I just found out one of my sisters is pregnant..yaayy...!!!Can't wait to get to know him/her...in the same time I'm a lil bit sad, cause I'll be thousands of miles away..and I kinda got used to be there when my nieces or nephews were born...
And because I started to talk about my family, why don't u take a second to get to know my family a lil bit?..To get started...First, I would say I'm the baby...and I have another 6 older sisters and one brother.They all got married...Jo, the sis before me, got married this year(this was the reason to spend my vacation in my country this summer)..I have 7 nieces and 3 nephews(exactly how we were suppose to be-2 of my brothers died when they were little) and I feel really blessed with them.:)I love being part of a big family, especially being the baby, cause I always get what's the best...now it's pretty much weird to see everyone with their families, and I can't wait to have my own family, too(I mean to get married with Eddie..).
Ummm I have no idea what else I could say, I'm too happy to know I'll be an aunt again, if you have any questions, you can write them in the comments and I'll try to answer them as quick as I can...now excuse me, but I gotta go scream a lil bit and hug my mom and my sis:)...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bring me back to life!!!

You know, I realized some things last week...The one with the biggest impact on me was how much a single person can make you fight for something...from the most useless thing to the most important matters as life.One person can decide your death as a wonderful person or can make your life miserable.I am aware this is how we were created, to long for each other's presence, love and attention.We need a social life in order to fulfill our means in life.In other words we are addicted to each other, we need the people around us to live.It is something impossible to change and I'm not telling you something new.It might not sound interesting, but it is extraordinary to discover things by yourself.
While I am trying to figure out my lack of words tonight, I'd be glad if you would listen the song of the day.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am proud to be a romanian.I always was and I'll always be.I don't need any justification, because this is who I am.I was born there, grew up there, love the culture, the country is wonderful, people are smart and friendly.Of course, Romania is not perfect place on earth.It couldn't be.But it is my country and I am romanian, even if I live here..Some days ago I found this video and that made me much more happier to call Romania "my home country".

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have never asked myself how did I make the choises and how did I come to this point, but it's useless.Because I could never imagine me being other person, or making something different, or have some other dreams.I couldn't have ever been who I am without you.You, are the one who defines me, who stays right beside me and tell me "You can do whatever you want".
I am not going to tell everyone how wonderful you are, they might wanna steal you from me if they knew it.I am the most selfish person in the world when it comes to you.I know, when we started, you were the jelaous one, but I think jelaosy is contagious.It is amazing what impact just one person can have in your life.But much more amazing, is how that person walks into your life with just one desire: to be with you and he ends up doing for you more than you can ever imagine.This happened to me and I cannot be more thankful and more happy for it.

You are the one I think about every second, I wonder what panties wears, what makes your smile so irresistible, if you're hot or cold, what did u dream last night and how do you feel.You're in my mind when I decide what to wear today and you're the hero in all my bed-time stories. You're the only one who I'd like to watch a romantic movie with, and the one I'm not ashamed of to see me crying.You taught me dreams can come true, indeed, and yet, you were the one that usually make them come true.You are the one who called me just to hear my voice, when you barely knew me.You are the one that didn't promise me anything, but you gave me everything.Your presence is my inspiration, your arms know when to protect me, and when to love me.Your eyes can have a lil girl's world in them and your lips know me better than I do.You know where to take me, and you know when I'm faking a smile.
YOU know me.YOU love me.
I love You, too.
For You,
       from me. 

Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm sick and I feel like crap!I have a runny nose and I can't blow it(I know, it's funny to hear it, not to live it..), I can breath only with my mouth open(which is gross and my throat is dry and it hurts) and I sneeze(a lot)..well I have fever and I can't really stand up for longer than 10 min...don't ask where did I get it from, cuz I don't know.And like it's not worse enough, today I bit my tongue really bad and I can't eat...Isn't it awesome?Yes, I'm not really ironic here, but it's just weird how all bad things happen in the same time...It was a hard day for me, but I'm happy it's night again and hopefully, I can get some good sleep now...and the best thing: tomorrow I don't have to wake up early in the morning...
And speaking of sneezing ..take a look here and laugh a lil bit, it's pretty funny..aaaahhchooo!!!
I guess that's it for today...See you guys, and don't get sick`!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The reason

I asked myself today "do I need a reason to write here?" and after that another question popped into my mind: "do I write here for a reason?" and here I got a lil bit stuck...Cause, if I write here for a reason, I need a reason to keep writing, but if I write here with no reason, than I don't need any reason at all..I guess I have something to think about next few days.
    Last night I got my hair cut.No, don't think about some new chic, fresh haircut, I just had it trimmed(I want my hair long).But even if it's nothing changed(just 1 inch shorter), I felt so good, like I was more confident in me, in what I am doing, and this feeling reminds me of every time when I used to get a new haircut...Every single time is the same...when I walk out of that beauty salon, I feel like I can do anything and if I want, I can conquer the world!(Maybe I should cut my hair more often:)...)And that feeling that everyone is amazed of my haircut and everybody likes it, is so good...even though, maybe nobody notices me or I am as invisible as I was till then, but that feeling is not going away so easy and it feels really good..You girls, maybe understand what I am saying right now..
   The idea I was trying to emphasize here is the strangeness of the situation...Sometimes I choose to care more about some new haircut or some new clothes I just got and all these things make such an impression on me, and I kinda forget all these other more important things in life...Like I feel better when I get a haircut than when I took a very good grade at some test.I now, there are different things, and they can't really compare, but still...Ok, now, to be honest, it's pretty impossible for me not to care about my look ...it's a girl thing.
I think it's time to write about something more interesting, it's been an interesting week until now and I'm very curious how's gonna end.Today, it was first time when I drive in last 12 weeks.Oh, my, it felt soooo good...I was extremely happy even though I had to be really careful not to hurt my hand and not to crash into some other car or whatever...Maybe you guys think 'what`s so big deal you drove?' but you would understand the feeling if you wouldn't be able to drive for a while.And besides, for me, driving a car means freedom.No, you're not stuck on the roads, they just give you the chance to go and discover something new, something interesting.I'm addicted to it and I'm sure everybody is(at least here in US).And yes, I said that, I meant it, but still I enjoy walking and spending time in the nature.
And in the end, I'm wondering why I gave this post the title 'the reason'...but I guess, the reason of this title is this song.