Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cause ONE Is Just Not Enough.

Two things I'd like you to like:
* me giving you flowers;
*  writing.
        I like challenges, so today I made myself think about 2 things I hate about Eddie, or I dislike about him. Awful task, my friends, awful. So, when I finally got home, I cheated a little bit. Fair enough, huh? Yep, I know, I said two funny things, come on, what normal guy would like to receive flowers from his girl? But I love flowers and I'd love to buy him some. When I told him once (as a joke, you know, to "test" his opinion ..) he said: "That's a gay thing!" .. Awesome. I guess I'll just enjoy the flowers he buys me... and share 'em with him. (huge smile)
   Writing?... For my Eddie, that's not a challenge, that's a curse. On the other side, me? I love writing. You can imagine, in our relationship how things went, can't you? Considering the fact that we had a relationship at distance from the start, well.. e-mails and stuff were vital. I appreciate how much he tried to please me with pretty decent (as length) mails, and sometimes I'm amazed how much he can write. But that's just sometimes. Lately, we barely sent emails to each other. I don't blame him, I perfectly understand we both are busy and tired, I'm just saying.. sometimes, I would love to have a longer mail from him. This is one of the reasons why I'm so happy to be with him: I'll be able to read him with just one look. No words necessary. 
    I guess this is too much explanations for just 2 thoughts. Today was Ocean Day. Uhum, we went to the shore. Ocean is freezing ( I don't get the idea, it's July for God's sakes!) and I slept on the beach for like 3 hours. Perfect
    Off to bed: tomorrow, I'm packing!!!

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