Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NYC through my sunglasses

{Wall St}

                  Back in February, I promised my friend Erika I will gather some pictures from all of my trips to NYC and write some impressions. I kept postponing, until recently when I read my first impression about NYC. So, here I am. Whenever I go to NYC, I have the same feelings as when I was the first time. So, today enjoy NYC through my sunglasses.

{random building}
{panoramic - right; Statue of Liberty - left}

{Ground Zero (this cute couple is my hubby and I - we were amazed) }
{view from Empire State Building}

{view from Empire State Building}

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  1. loved it! Thank you so much!!! Great photos by the way! I hope I will get to see it through my own sunglasses one day! :)

    1. I hope it's gonna be sooner than later.:) I can be your tour guide ;)... Glad you liked it!


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