Wednesday, October 26, 2011

riches we can afford

   It's cold outside, but Claire didn't even think of the possibility to stay home that night. It was the grand opening of the new Burkshire Mall, and she had to see it!!! No, she was not a shopaholic. It is supposed to be 3 times bigger than the old mall she usually shops that's 50 miles away. And the new one is just 10!!! How gorgeous is that? She turned on the engine, pressed the gas and drove away. She didn't know she was going to lose such a great family night with her brother and their parents.
   In the same time, on another small street, Mom is busy in the kitchen, and Dad is watching his new TV show. They both are tired after a long, stressful day at work. Little do they know how much their daughter would love to tell them about her first day at school... But since everybody's too tired or too busy to listen to her, she curls up in the bed with her old, used, diary...
   It's Friday night, Mandy just spent 3 hours getting ready - it's their date night and she's very excited to tell her husband the great news. After half hour, she starts being nervous: he should've been home at least 2 hours ago. No call, no message from him. Where would he be? Finally, she nervously calls him. "Hey babe! Oh, gosh, I forgot to let you know I'll be late tonight - Danny took me to this car show on 5th ave. See you later, hun, can't hear you!" I guess he'll never understand how much he hurt her.
   Can you afford to spend more time with your family than shopping at the new Mall? Can you afford to listen to your kids instead of watching that new TV show? Can you afford to go to dinner with your wife instead of going to a car show?
   These are just 3 random examples of how easily we can skip some happy moments in our lives. I don't want to say don't watch TV or don't go shopping or don't check out those wild engines at show cars. I just want to say ...

                      ... can you afford to be happy?

Friday, October 21, 2011

the burgundy of life

  Today was a splendid sadness in the air. A beautiful nostalgia in the air... Thoughts and thoughts freely flying with the wind. The leaves paint themselves with perfect colors... my new fav is burgundy. There is so much emotion in it.
Fall, what did you do to me? I've never liked you. Suddenly, you just overwhelm me with your riches. Frazzled skies, hurry clouds, leaves dancing in the wind, gray days followed by such colorful and full of life days... It's like a crazy, super fast, fascinating game. We're spinning, but we won't get sick, we're crying and laughing, the trees are dyeing in the most lively manner and everything else just accompanies in the most gorgeous style.
It's a season as amazing as spring.

Note: Those statements are made by a person who truly deeply enormously loves spring the most out of all seasons.