Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"how do you...?" series


            Today I was chatting with mom about States and how my nieces used to make Tiramisu (one of my fav cake ever - easy to make, awesome at taste... perfect!) and suddenly, I realized how much I miss 'em. Ok, not only those in States... my bro' in Spain, my sis in UK, and even my sisters from here. I am so happy almost all of them could come at our wedding, I feel I'm so lucky, and now I wish I would've ask for more help from them. Well... nobody's perfect, so... next time, when I'll need help I'll just ask. 
            So, how do you handle missing someone?... I feel lonely, and I remember all kind of stuff about that person, smile and tear in the same time, and practicly I am good at nothing. Usually, I like missing someone, I mean I like the part when I read letters and look at things that remind me of them, but I hate the sad part of it... I don't really do anything major when it(the miss feeling) hits me, I just lay in bed and ... "enjoy" the feeling..
            On the other hand, this crochet idea becomes more and more addictive. I find myself wanting to do more and more interesting things with my crochet-hook. It's crazy! When I was in school, I had a hard time with that and I remember so clear in the first years of school how patiently my teacher tried so hard to learn me how to do it... Don't you find that odd?.. or maybe not... Ok, I'll stop rambling and go see what's to do till Hubby comes home... can't wait for that! Btw, did I tell you I made mashed potatoes? My mashed potatoes.. it's a secret recipe and everyone just loves it. I'm so glad, cause I was so nervous about that...
Enjoy autumn with its melancholy... 


  1. i miss u, too, sis! and I realy miss your "mashed potatoes"... and when I say that a lot of memories flow into my mind, and the result : tears - but not of sadness, tears of memories:)), haven't you heared about it, yet??

  2. Yep, Mary, I know them very well - I'm talking about tears of memories.. even though it sounds a lil bit odd.. Guess what.. today I cooked for tomorrow, we have guests, and I'll make mashed potatoes;)...
    hugs and kisses my dear

  3. Our family's scattered all over the place as well... We like to skype - it's cheap (costs nothing!) and you get to see each other so it's so much more fun than talking on the phone!

  4. OH, skype is totally my fav, too!!! And this is how we usually talk to each other... and we have the magic Jack. I don't know if you heard about it... It's pretty cool..


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