Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters {3}

Dear God,
     Thank you for your love. And because you never give up on us.

Dear Week,
     You've been very productive. I've seen what it actually means to be a nurse, I've finished editing those old pictures, learnt new things and thought a lot. 

Dear JFK, 
     Thanks for showing us this wonderful view! We'll be back next weekend to pick up our sweet friends.

Dear Hubby,
     You work too hard, you need some time to relax.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


{photo via}
          This week I've been shadowing respiratory technicians and nurses at York Hospital.  I never knew what "shadowing" is until now, so I don't know if you know. Briefly, shadowing is when you follow around a person who is working on a job you'd like to start a career in, but you're not sure you like it. So, you want to get an idea of exactly what that job is. You're that person's shadow for a certain amount of time.
          I'll tell you from the start: it was ah-mazing!!! I've seen babies that fight for their lives, and people so sick they have no hope of living a normal life again. I've seen a baby coming into this world through a c-section, and forgot all about my anxiety of seeing blood. When you're there, watching things happening, or even much better, doing things, the last thought is "how much blood", or "that's gross" so on so forth. I can't wait to go to school and be a part of this.
          However, now that I'm home, I keep thinking of the similarity of what I did for two days and our relationship with Jesus. Of course, we are not as fortunate as the Apostles to actually follow Jesus around, but we can definitely spend time reading the Bible, trying to understand better and better what He wants from us.
          Are you willing to shadow Jesus?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On moving

{photo by me}

          When it comes to moving, I can say I'm a fortunate person. I've lived the first 19 years of my life in the same city, on the same street, with (almost) the same neighbors, in the same apartment. Eddie was not as lucky as me. They have moved around so many times, I get confused every time he tells me some of his memories. However, when time came for me to move, it was a huge change. I moved from Romania to New Jersey, USA. I don't know how much you understand, but let me tell you the difference is so complex, I'm still not 100% accommodated yet. And US have been my home for 4 years already. 
          The first year I longed to go back home. And I went. For 2 weeks. But it didn't feel like home anymore. I didn't know what to talk with my friends. Things have changed, I didn't know what bus to take to go from one place to another, stores closed down or moved and so on. I came back with a broken heart realizing the place where I grew, was my home. It was harder then when I first came to US. 
          A year later when I went back to Romania for 6 months (it was when I got married), I learnt how to let go. I learnt that my real home is not here, and I love how Peter says it: "Friends, this world is not your home, so don’t make yourselves cozy in it." (1 Peter 2:11 MSG). Right in my face. Impossible to interpret other way. I realized being with the ones you love is much more important than when or where you live. I've finally accepted that God doesn't move me around because He's bored. I've learnt a lesson that if I hadn't ever moved I would've never understand it; or even think about it. 
          Couple months ago my husband and I moved to our place. It's not a change as dramatic as the first one, on contrary, it's a blessed, very welcome and needed change. At this point, I'm open to any changes God wants in my our lives. As a family. I know I am blessed to be able to taste a little bit of heaven living my life next to the best husband ever. 
          Have you ever moved? What lessons have you learnt through these experiences?...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

          Dear Friday,
     I can't believe you're here again!

          Dear Husband,
     This week we celebrated our first 2 years together. Thanks for being so sweet and loving me so much! I love you, too! And, as cheesy as it sounds, marrying you was the best decision I have ever made until now. Can't wait to see all the other adventures that await us. 

          Dear Cosmin,
     You'll leave tomorrow to meet your bride. I'm so excited for you two and I pray you'll be back safe and sound. Can't wait to meet Dana, too!! In the same time, thanks for trusting me with your invitations, guest book and so on...

          Dear Coffee,
     You're delicious!!! Especially in these cold mornings.

          Dear Fall,
     I'm learning to like you. I start liking the coldness of your mornings and the crisp air. However, I can't dig in the cold I just caught.

          Dear Friends of this blog,
      I love getting to know you. Thanks for joining me in my journey as I share with you my heart.

          Dear life,
     Thanks for being busy, but allowing me to spend time listening to Bible. It is awesome how many things you can discover re-reading (or re-listening) this precious book!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tip

Lately I've been working a lot for my friends' wedding decorations. The most used item was the glue gun!! I own a blue small old but reliable one. However, it did not wanted to stay in place and I was so close to give it away and buy one of those fancy ones with a stand and bla bla. Until I found an old (can you feel the vintage air here? Everything is old!!) cute tall cup. And that became my fancy shmancy glue gun holder. It works wonders and brings a pop of color to my desk, too... I uploaded 2 pictures for you to see how it works.

In what way did you improvise this week?..

Note: this is my first post written from phone, so please ignore ignore any imperfections.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

            Recently I found Ashley's sweet blog and I fell in love with her warm style and the Friday's Letters link party. Since I love letter, here's my first try!

Dear Journal,
      I know I haven't spent some time with you in a while, but you're always on my mind. I love to read you minnie me from time to time, so don't worry, I'll fill you up.

Dear Stamps,
      So sorry I didn't clean you earlier. I will take time for you and don't worry, even stained, you are very precious to me!

Dear Dishes,
      Please grow up and wash yourselves!

Dear Cosmin & Dana,
     I'm working hard at your wedding decorations and praying a lot for your life together. Only God knows how much I would love to be there with you on your happy day!

My beloved Hubby,
     The last 2 years were the best of my life! I'm so grateful I can have you by my side and be your best friend. You rock!!

Dear TO DO list,
     Please shorten yourself up!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

for my dear husband

"Two things are impossible: to see God with your eyes and to narrate the love."
Adrian Paunescu (Romanian poet)

          I read this on the Internet yesterday. Partially, I agree with it. No, you can't see God, but you can see Him through His creation. Take a second and look around: you'll be surprised. Who taught the birds to fly? Who taught the ocean to roar? Who made the flower grow and smell so nice? Who taught people to love?

          Yes, it's impossible to narrate the love. You tell people you love them through your actions, your words, your smile, your attention to them, making them feel important, telling them they're cute (and meaning it), hugging them, kissing them. And yes, sometimes I fail miserably at "loving" people. Not that I actually stop loving them, I just forget to show them my love. However, I'm grateful it takes a lifetime to tell love and that words are optional.

My love is written on your heart, my dear!...