Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting More Addicted Every Day

Is kinda nice to be out of work, but with Eddie working 6 days a week, I don't like it. I miss him like crazy. (his)Mom gave us some sheets and stuff for our home, I looked through 'em this morning, they are awesome, I can't wait to finally be at my place so I can use them all. We kinda found a house for rent, which I'm so happy about. It's next door with my in laws, a small, cosy house. We will talk tomorrow with the owner, so please, pray for us.
Man, this country is so beautiful, I don't wanna leave anymore. I had so much fun, and, umm... ok, I didn't walk that much, but every night we go out and do something. I love it. One day when I'll have some time, I plan on going downtown, take pictures and post 'em here and on facebook. You guys will love it, I promise.

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