Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas spirit...

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         Every year, there is a cycle we respect so much that we think it is normal to be that way and if something changes, all our world goes crazy in seconds. We think we are revolutionary because once a year we go and help those in need. Or because we went caroling for 3 whole nights (excuse me, American buddies, for you caroling means 4 houses ?... Here, we go caroling from 9pm to 5-6 in the morning. That's awesome, believe me!!). Or because we thought of a poor child and we filled up a shoe box with some goodies. I might sound too harsh, my dears, but you know what? I'm getting fed up with all these stories. They are nice, right?... To visit some kids in an orphanage, or go shopping with an old lady, or just spend a day with somebody who's lonely. Cute things that melt our hearts and make us feel better if we do them. I'm not saying it's wrong to do them. Not at all!! It's just this Christmas spirit that suddenly changes us, even if we don't believe there is a God, and even if we think the "Jesus story" is just another fairy tale. I mean, what's about this time of year that turns even the most malefic human being in the best citizen? Just on December. Maybe half-way thru January. And then, everything is forgotten. 
         I listen carols at least 2-3 times in a year. Of course, the whole Christmas time, and then, during the summer. Anybody who hears that looks at me like I'm a weirdo.... and I have no idea what they can think (probably something like: "poor girl, she thinks Santa comes each time you listen carols.." - just kidding). The truth is, if I would have to answer why I listen carols on summer, I'm not sure. Maybe the spirit they put in me... the joy they spread.. the peace, the hope, the remembrance of Jesus' birth... How do you think it would be if the Christmas spirit would surround us all year? A better world, right? And, honestly, who doesn't want a better world? If not for yourself, I'm sure for you kids (and here's another subject about kids and the society..). 
          So, I agree with Christmas spirit: carols, gifts, Santas around the city, more smiles, snow, Jesus in a manger, the shepherds, the wise-men, and so on. But I still hope one day, Christmas spirit wouldn't leave us the next day after Christmas. I still hope for a Christmas spirit all year round.

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