Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"how do you..?" series

                 Because sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who experience unusual normal things, and because I know everyone can feel like what happens to her/him never happened to anybody before, I will start the "how do you .. " series. I will try o find interesting moments when I think "I bet nobody has ever gone through this before!" and talk about them.
                So, how do you take criticism? I can honestly say I am the clumsiest person I've ever known. Really. Like, I wanna pour milk in a bowl, and half of it is on the counter. (ok, that might be a little bit exaggerated) In the same time, I don't feel good when somebody criticizes me. Usually, I get frustrated and either I talk back or I just shut up and my whole day is ruined. I know it sounds like a childish act and I try hard to get rid of it, but sometimes it's harder than I think. I'm always careful what I do or say or whatever, to avoid the critics. I realize this is not the way to treat it and won't get anywhere if I keep it like that. So, next time when I'll hear "Honey, why did you do this?" or "You shouldn't do it like that!" or "How did you do this?" I will take a deep breath and try to be more receptive. Not get angry and tell myself 'See how clumsy you can be?', but tell myself 'Nobody's perfect. Next time you'll do it better'.
umm.. it's 1:50 in the morning, I guess that's it for now.. I'm curious to find out what you think of this. Have a good night, everyone!

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