Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Memories...

<-- That's an old one. It was the first time we ever met. Second day spent together. How clumsy and nervous I was... Still, I loved every second of those 3 days together. Didn't think I'd miss him as much as I did. Didn't think he was going to surprise me, couple of weeks after that... he came to visit me, in a city he'd never been before, and barely knew something about. I was impressed. Looking at this picture I realize how much I miss him now, and how awfully long weekend will be without him. He's leaving to Czech Republic tomorrow morning, with work, and on Saturday and Sunday is in Hungary at some wedding. I'm glad for him, but that selfish part of me, is kind of jealous: weekends used to be our days. Ok, let's put sadness away! On the other hand, because, anyway I won't be talking to him, it's possible to go to New York City this weekend. We'll see how things go. Still, even without NYC on my list, I have tons of work, so I'll barely have time to think about it.
thirty three...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Down, Thirty Four More To Go!!!

      So, I just got this idea: till I leave, to post each day a pic with me and my wonderful Eddie. This is not the best photo we have, but we have an excuse. We were sad I had to leave to come back to States. It was a cocktail of emotions, not only sadness... I couldn't explain the feeling, I'm not sure I wanna talk about it.
    I've realized how good it feels when you check things you got done from your daily "to do list". So accomplished. Makes me feel important, for some reason. Another thing about long to do lists, I like cause they keep you busy... keep the time goin'. The sad part is, sometimes I'm so focused on what I gotta do, I forget about anything... and it's sad when you realized you forgot you miss your friends. To miss somebody, that's not my best feeling/mood, but not to have time to feel that missing there, well, that hurts me.
     There are 34 more days and I'ma take off... every day around 8:30 pm I start dreaming about that: "In xx days, around this time, I'll be ready to take off.." . And I start wondering, it'll be a sunny day? rain? maybe humidity.. or just a perfect day of August?.. cold? hot?... I'd prefer warm. What outfit am I gonna wear?.. Remember, I posted here some personal thoughts about outfits and stuff. Still, the question I ask myself so many times just pops out in my mind: "what should I wear on the plane?". I need something comfortable, cute, girlie, something that I won't be hot outside and not freeze 11 hours on the plane. Sounds tricky, huh? I'm sure I'll come up with something till then. For now, just eat as much watermelon as you can, be excited about VBS and enjoy the sun!!...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome !!!

    Aniela Denisa Stoia, welcome to the world!! Even though you don't know too many things about this life here, I want to let you know, we are more than happy to welcome you in our family. I promise, from now on, I'll be an example for your little footsteps when you follow me. I am so nervous and excited to meet you, on August 8th. I'm anxious to hold you in my arms, change your diapers and even feed you (when you'll be older)... I can't wait to take pictures with you, and to give your mommy and your daddy a huge hug. For now, you just stay in your daddy's hands... You are precious, my sweet little Aniela... 

Isn't she gorgeous?

Look at her, I already adore her, and I've never meet her!.. Oh, and yes, I was so happy, I forgot.. My youngest niece was born on June 24th, in Romania. :) As you can see, the baby and her mommy are fine.. and they'll go home this Thursday. 

Welcome To Dreamland!

       "So, who said planning a wedding is stressful?" says the lion-hearted me. Yeah, actually, I enjoy it!!! It's amazing how quickly I forgot the last week, which, mostly, no, partly, was a disaster: lack of sleep, took off a day from work, not to relax, to work even more, than problems everywhere, at work, at home, no exceptions. Still, it wasn't that bad.. Ok, I admit, on Friday things just got crazy, and I was even more crazier. And tonight, I said I was going to bed at 10:00 - 10:30. Guess what?! It's 12:21 and I'm typing this small post... cause I enjoy my life right now, with everything that is. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Proud and disappointment. Life's a whole, and I don't wanna just pick some things I like, or I think they'd be good for me, and say: "ha, ha, I have the perfect life!" Nope, guys, my life is precious because He gave it to me, and He makes it special with everything He let me experience. My hope and trust is in Him, so why would I go weary? Why stress when I can pray about it? Why frown when you can smile? Why fall when you can rise up with all your pain and thru all the hardness? I'll stop dreaming about "how'd be if I really had enough money to go at the store and actually buy, not check the tag 2 times", and "what if I had another job" and "what if I knew some other people" ... I'll stop it, and just enjoy what comes in my way. The present is a gift. Dreamland, actually, can exist, and not only in your imagination or dreams. Dreamland, is not a land where all your wishes come true, is the land where everything is a wish that came true. A wish you probably didn't think you wish for. A wish you can start wishing right now.

PS: Hunting for sales while shopping and checking tags before you buy an item, is actually really fun, don't you think? Kinda makes shopping an adventure... very nice one, though ... :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Can I Say!?!?...

One Thousand, Two Hundred, Forty Seven Days..

       That is, 3 years and 5 months. When you put it in days, sounds like a whole lot, doesn't it? Not really. I look back, and it seems like a fairy-tale, everything. There have been already more than three years since I've known Eddie. Still, I feel like I've always known him. Like, deep down, I've always loved him, even if I hadn't met him yet. Every single second of my life. I knew I had to keep my love, my true love for somebody. Even when, as a teen-ager, couldn't help but "fall" for some guys. I knew it was just some butterflies. Still, when I saw his picture up on the internet for the first time, something happened. Those blue eyes, and his smile, something about him was so attracting, still, not only in a romantic way, but in every way. The picture was a simple one.
         And now, I sit in wonder, and can't wait for this last 41 days to be over so I can be with him again. For forever, this time... I hope. Every single second away from him is just a slowly painful death for me. He is my life, my everything. I love you, Eddie S. I love you 1247 times more than when I first talked to you. I love you, and that's ok. More than ok. That's perfect. God gave me you, my precious! I love you, and never get tired of telling, writing, showing it to you. 
I love you.
and that's just the beginning ...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Misunderstandings, Sun, Friends, Happiness and Long Lists of TO DO's

               Isn't this picture cute? Perfect day of summer, don't you think so? I took it on Memorial Day, at the shore (for some reason the name doesn't come to my mind right now). Atlantic Ocean is awesome, isn't it? I can say, it was the most beautiful experience at the beach since I came here. Only if the water had been warmer, it would've been perfect. 
             But, I wanted to say something else. I love this summer. With all its challenges (believe, there are plenty of them), and hard moments, this summer is lovely (how the english people would say). On Friday I've heard a lady talking at TV about forgive & forget. She was talking about forgiveness, especially. It just hit me like a bullet. I thought if you cannot forget when somebody else hurt you, you didn't forgive him/her. Of course, you don't bring it up every single time you have the chance, but it's human to remember from time to time (even if you don't want to), things that hurt you. It's the attitude we're talking about, here. Your attitude (and mine) should be one with forgiveness, and not a mean one. I don't know if it makes sense, but in my head is crystal clear what I wanna say. Why sometimes is so hard to express yourself? It's about me, my thoughts, how can it be that hard? Anyway, this was the misunderstanding I put up there.
           Sun, because it's been a sunny weekend, and even if it's 90 degrees outside (for the ones in Europe, this is like 33-35 Celsius degrees.. I know in Romania is hotter than this... sorry for you, folks!), I had a wonderful weekend, yesterday with family, shopping and then at Lady's Appreciation Dinner at my sister's church. Every year, men from the church prepare and serve the dinner for the ladies in the church. It was a wonderful time and a great opportunity for men to show their appreciation for the women in their lives. I enjoyed the night, I had a good time, and a little bit of relax was awesome. Today was a full day, too...I locked myself out this morning, my sis had to come home and pick me up to go at church, and all kind of stuff... but I'm thankful God spoke me this morning at church, if the pastor would've speak about something else, I would've been dead of stress by now. Since this morning, I just put everything in God's hands, and I know He provides, He takes care of every little detail in my life. So why worry and stress? Things will get done.
         Friends and happiness go hand in hand. Yesterday I wasn't able to talk to Eddie, he went at a wedding as a photographer (which I'm very proud of him ) and got home at 6 am. I was a lil bit sad, weekends are the only time when we actually can talk. Happily, I talked with him today. Just a lil bit, but isn't it crazy how much only hearing his voice can relax me? I guess that's just love. I didn't want to hang up, just so I can hear him breath. I even hold my breath for couple of seconds, it's something magical. He always makes me dream.. of him, of course. I am such a blessed person to have such a fiance, hubby-to-be in couple of months ;).
       And, finally, to do lists. They are part of every one's life. Worse than those sticky notes that keep sticking on you. Or like that gum stuck on your shoes. Uhum, sounds pretty gross, but let's face it: without 'em life would be boring. Nothing to do?! Hmm, for some, that would sound like a perfect life. For me, it's worse than ... I don't know. Having nothing to do, is self-killing. I have no idea if that word exist, but you get the idea. I used to hate when I had something to do. Now, I find challenging and interesting everything. And you can have fun even doing the stressful stuff. I can't just not say anything about the wedding (have you noticed this blog kind of start looking like a wedding blog? ). I enjoy taking care of every detail, and I start not to stress that much, which makes things simply wonderful!!! 
        Summer, you will be perfect this year!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts on My Way

          The trouble with truth is that it never lies, and the trouble with peace is that it never fights.
     The questions is: should that be a problem?!  
           How many times have you been temped to say a white lie so the things "would get sort out quick"?  And how many times you found out it was a bad idea? It happened to me lots of times, but I guess I learnt my lesson: truth is the shortest way to solve any problem. Honesty is more than a word, and not everybody understands it. Less and less people practice it, too. And we're wondering how we got here...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Help Comes From The Lord

      I've learned some new things during last week.. Some of them I'm in the process of learning, so be patient with me. I understood sometimes you gotta forget about being all pretty and nice, put on a "girl-zilla" mood and things will be taken care of. Not all the time things work this way, and I don't mean you to instantly change into a hag, transform everybody and everything in stone statues if they won't do what you want. Another thing I've learned, no matter who you're talking to, you need to be careful not to hurt the other. It doesn't worth it. The bad feelings after that, and not only talking about yourself, the other person, how he or she will feel after that? And, if your mouth just spoke before your brain, be sorry! And show it! Say it, too. Sincerely, from the bottom of your heart. Be sure there is something you need to rebuilt, and even if the other person forgives you before you even said "I'm sorry", it doesn't mean you gotta be like nothing happened. I'm that kind of person that with some people, I tell them "I'm sorry" even for nothing. I don't wanna hurt the ones I love the most. I feel miserable if I do it, and when I do it, that day or the next day, I am so sad, nothing and nobody can cheer me up... Till I realize everything is ok. It's a lot to say about this, but I'ma stop here.
           Something interesting: when other person would tell you something you don't really like, smile and don't take it (too) personal. Just smile. Don't be mean, or grumpy. There is a possibility he/she was mean, but who cares as long as his/her remark didn't get to you! Ok, sometimes, the "bad" comments could motivate you do something, but that's another whole story.
         How come, at work, time goes sooooo slow and as soon as it's 4:30pm it just flies?!.. It's unfair. Why can't we just have two Saturdays instead of Friday and Saturday?! I never get everything done on Saturdays, and on Mondays I feel like I will never accomplish something during a weekend. Weird feeling: to think time is not moving, and still it feels like yesterday was last Sunday and I was looking thru my clothes to see which one I'm gonna take to Romania. By the way, Eddie was right when he said I'll need a trailer attached to the plane: gosh, how am I gonna fit everything in just ONE luggage? Oh, there are too many unfair things in this world! But, I choose to see the full half of the glass!
          I love watermelon. I had plenty of it in the last weeks, and I enjoy it! (especially when mom or dad cut it for me.. such a spoiled kid I am!)
         I decided I'll take my understanding of "patience" at next level. Not by myself, with the help of my God. You're gonna laugh, but since it's gonna be only good things getting out of it, why not? I started to work out, eat healthy, and exercise everyday to lose weight. (should've done this a long time ago). No, I'm not fat, I just have some extra pounds that stick out every single time I wanna forget about them. Since forgetting is not an option now, I got to an agreement with myself: I keep doing what I need to do, and, in time I'll see results. Oh, I forgot to mention perseverance!! That's a part of the game, too!! It's simple: every morning an hour on the treadmill, eat healthy meals (this could be a small problem, sometimes), exercise. So, I'll have only to win here: I lose those pounds that make me feel miserable sometimes, I get to be more patience and more tenacious. I know, it sounds silly, but whatever works to keep me "on track", right?
       Tomorrow, I'll wear a pink skirt, purple shirt, and black high heels at church. Oh, wow, who's that fancy girl over there?.. I just hope it'll look good on me. Gotta get some rest, so have a blessed Sunday, and be happy: Summer's here!!! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Je Suis Hereux

               We were born to be a part of something holly... Bigger than you and I... (Says the song on the radio.. I don't know who's singing, or what song is, but the words are awesome!!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ma Vie Folle

        Be honest with me, and tell me: is this crazy life going to be normal ever again? 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Months

        Or sixty days and I'm gonna be in my future husband's arms. What a great image to see every time when I close my eyes!!! Usually, when I say 60 days, it seems soooo long, but now, I feel like I'd say 60 minutes... Till August 3rd, here is some sweet pics with us from last year when we met.. Oh, that sweet time ..