Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello September

It was a sunny, bright day of beginning of September. It was a loong day, in which nothing and everything made sense. A day I realized (again) this year's word is "paradox". Everything is a whirlwind and crazy, but that one moment of silence is worth so much. A year when I feel discouraged and want to give up every day, but an encouraging word from a friend or a remark of a total stranger makes me wonder if I really do want to quit. Those mere moments remind me that in the bottom of my heart I'm satisfy with what I do. That I'm going in the right direction, even if I feel overwhelmed because I want to do so many things. So I dust off my superwoman cap and I keep pressing on.

* I wrote this post on Friday night, but I wasn't feeling well and took a NyQuill. I guess I fell asleep half way through... I just found it now because I started writting on a new post...