Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Bound Forever

Three things you might not know:
* I thought you were really handsome from the first time I saw you;
* I was trying to find a signature with your last name since we started to talk, even though I did it as something fun, deep down in my heart I was hoping that will come true one day;
* when you hugged me first time ever, I felt like I was fitting perfectly in your arms. Like I was especially made for those arms. 
    I was planning tomorrow to finish packing so Sunday I'll have the day to relax a lil bit, and on Monday to clean up and leave everything nice. It wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow we're off to the Seaside Heights and Atlantic City, people. Fun day, huh!?.. I guess... At least I hope to get a nice tan. You know what's the most exciting thing?... Time's just flying and on Tuesday I'll be in my beloved fiance's arms. Best place ever to be. 

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