Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happiness, anyone?!...

I tell you, people, I enjoyed that kiss like never. It was right before I got on the plane to come to States. 
(two years ago)
          Happiness is:
- a second spent with you;
- your arms around me when I'm scared;
- your voice in the morning;
- my lips on yours (and yes, that's a special kiss);
- remembering every single second with you, and reliving 'em;
- imagining how our next date will be;
- anticipating your happiness when I prepare a surprise for you;
- all your special smiles you have and share 'em all with me;
- wearing your clothes, even though I just bought them and you haven't even had the chance to try 'em on;
- picking outfits together;
- knowing what you think;
- ...and what you want;
- ...and do it!!!
- falling asleep next to you;
- and waking up in the same spot: next to you;
- when you pull me next to you, in a strong, yet sweet kinda way;
- walking down the street, holding your hand and talking nonsense;
- everything that means you;
- loving you.
        Happiness is feeling your love, sharing it, and walking thru life together. 

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