Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Memories...

<-- That's an old one. It was the first time we ever met. Second day spent together. How clumsy and nervous I was... Still, I loved every second of those 3 days together. Didn't think I'd miss him as much as I did. Didn't think he was going to surprise me, couple of weeks after that... he came to visit me, in a city he'd never been before, and barely knew something about. I was impressed. Looking at this picture I realize how much I miss him now, and how awfully long weekend will be without him. He's leaving to Czech Republic tomorrow morning, with work, and on Saturday and Sunday is in Hungary at some wedding. I'm glad for him, but that selfish part of me, is kind of jealous: weekends used to be our days. Ok, let's put sadness away! On the other hand, because, anyway I won't be talking to him, it's possible to go to New York City this weekend. We'll see how things go. Still, even without NYC on my list, I have tons of work, so I'll barely have time to think about it.
thirty three...

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