Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mystery Solved

              There are eleven (11) more days. You know, I just found out today, my miracle year should've been the most awful year of my life. People I trusted most let me down in the most painful ways, those who I was counting on, left me alone exactly when I needed their advice, and people dear to my heart, when I needed to do something on my own, just came up with unnecessary, bad advice and they were the ones that got mad when I said "No" to some things. So what's up with all these 6 year old behavior, anyway? Friends were supposed to help each other, not give bad advice, to be truly happy for each other, support and so on. This year I got the most fake part of people thought were more than friends. That should hurt, huh? Especially when they supposably want to help me with my wedding, but they give me only the wrong ideas and and try to make my wedding something that's not like me. This year was the final test for those really really few persons I have close to my heart, and surprisingly (or not!), they failed. A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Ok, till now everything was kinda normal. I've learnt it so good over the years: people DO let you down, especially those you care the most and trust the most. So, painfully, but nothing out of ordinary. What's unusual, is me. Yeah, with all the stress and sleep lack, I thought I'd be down, down. Fortunately, there are tons of people who want to help me and they do it from the bottom of their hearts and with a dedication that lets me speechless. I learnt to cherish them. And respect 'em. And love 'em. I'm hurt of all bad things this year brought in my way, but there are people in my life that, even if they weren't the closest to my heart, they'd been there and helped my wounds to heal. And the beautiful part is that, they have no idea of their role in my life. They are more than helpers with my wedding, or just "ideas generators". Slowly, they become part of my small circle of trusted friends
        And, how can I be down when I'm getting married to the most handsome, cute, smart, funny, talented, caring, sweet, strong, charming, understanding man on Earth? 
         No, I'm not cheating. Those are our hands, so there's still a picture with us. Eddie's holding my hand. And it says there: nothing can wrest me away from your love's embrace. how precious... 

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