Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Do List:

 - finish to clean up my room;
 - start thinking what really worth to take to Romania;
 - listen music.. lots of it;
 - decide on decorations and some details of wedding;
 - place some orders at some of the decorations;
 - think about Eddie;
 - AC Moore, Party City, Michael's, for some price checks... and some more shopping;
 - exercise + treadmill;
 - decide what to wear tomorrow;
 - enjoy the sun;
 - write e-mail to Orsi (my future sis-in-law, and my hugest helper with the wedding - lots of thanks Orsi!! I appreciate it!);
 - write e-mail to maDa;
 - hopefully, talk with my sis, or, write e-mail to her/them;
 - play with Anna;
 - help Betty make home made cheese steak;
 - enjoy the day off and every single thing I'm planning on doing today. Even the vacuuming.

     I like this one right here... it's a picture of one of our pictures. Confusing, right? Well, more confusing is the illusion.. everybody thinks they are real chairs, and I love to hear them wow-ing when they see it. Actually, these two frames are a part of my 20th birthday. My sister, Betty, copied a photo of me and Eddie, cut it and put 'em in there. Don't you think that's brilliant? I love the idea!!:) I took the picture one night when I was bored, I put the chairs next to the wall, in a corner, and if you don't look carefully, you won't even realize they are like 10" high. Sweet. Now, you already saw my to do list, gotta go, gotta go!!.. Have a happy 4th of July weekend, guys!

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