Monday, July 12, 2010

One More Down...

        I used to love those glasses. Now I'm glad i lost 'em. For some reason, I always lost my sun glasses. That's weird, huh?.. You know, back then I thought I had looong hair... now, when I see the picture, I just smile. My hair is down to half of my back. And I love it. We had a very nice conversation after we took this one. Actually, in that day, became clearer and clearer he's the one for me. I didn't even realize it, I was so nervous 'cause I was with him. After couple of days, when I got home and actually took time to think about our first time when we met, it just clicked in my mind (and heart, too): "I'm gonna marry this boy one day!" And here we are... with less than two months till our wedding. Isn't it beautiful? I think it's magical. Love is awesome!
song of the day - because when you kiss me, the world just goes away... 

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