Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long Day, Long Journey

     He who said every day is special in its own way, did not lie. There are exactly two more months and it'll be happening... our wedding... our journey together, as a family. How awesome does that sound?!.. Perfect. I tell you, guys... I don't realize it now, with all this fuss, but it'll be so great when I'll be able to present myself as Mrs. S. I'm so excited that makes me nervous.
    I had a long day, woke up at 6, went in Reading, Pa (almost 2 hours drive) to the Romanian church, had lunch with some friends over there, watched the game... yeah, by the way, I know for Americans soccer doesn't mean much, but for Europeans, is the most important sport, so indulge me to say, I enjoyed that game even if I was expecting something more... In the end Spain won (as we predicted), and now it's the world champion for the next 4 years. I was happy. Their goalkeeper was awesome.. excellent! Eddie was sad, though. He wanted Netherlands to win, cause Germany lost the chance to win the gold. Anyway, I loved to watch the game, it was fun, and what was even funnier, the guys I watched with... the guys from church, and believe it or not, but the girls were louder than the men. Imagine it!!! :)
   Now, I'ma head to bed, I'm tired. Still, didn't want to skip this day either.

PS: I forgot to mention the great food we ate (romanian ladies know to cook sooooooo good!!yummie! ) and the good sermon from this evening...

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