Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Details...

       So he is the "details" I was talking about some days ago. Yep, he's my youngest nephew, the 12th :). Isn't he adorable?.. I know, I know, he's chubby, but not fat. I adore him. Today, I got the chance to hold him. It's been so long since I've hold a 2 days old baby in my arms, I was so nervous... My sister said I'd look good as a mom. Thanks... Tomorrow he's be coming home so we're gonna make a Welcome Home party. I love him.

 Look how sweet he's looking at his mom, like he'd actually understand her. 

Even if my heart is melting, I didn't forget about today's photo...It's crazy when I think there are just 17 days left.. Where did the time go!?.. But I don't mind.. Being with Eddie is the best time in my life. 

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