Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Life

            Isn't he cute when he does stuff like these?... He named this photo "my life". How can I just not melt when I see it?!.. Boys are not as romantic as the girls, but when my sweet Eddie does something romantic, I just instantly melt. And I love it cause it comes when I expect it less. This guy is a keeper!... I'm the most blessed girl in the entire Universe. Because of him. of his love.
           I didn't feel good today, I stayed in bed almost all day long, but I loved it cause I talked with my precious fiance, and we had a good time, you know, after 3 weeks of not seeing each other, the conversation on Skype today was like a summer rain. Very very very refreshing. Speaking about summer... This week I was a part of something really really really awesome. Probably the most awesome thing in my life. It was 5:45 am (when I usually go for my walk), I was ready to enter in my sister's house when suddenly I looked at the sky, and for a second I was breathless. You know those pictures with blue skies and you put the sepia tone on them? That was the color of the sky... with a perfectly semi round rainbow on it. I've never seen a whole rainbow (the half of the circle) in my entire life. And never seen a rainbow that early in the morning... The sun was barely rising. That was a miracle for me... from God, to remind me He's still there and He still takes care of me. My whole week just got brighter.
            Tomorrow I'll be out of town State, again. It's a baptism at the Romanian church in Reading, Pa and we attend it. I'm tired, and tomorrow will be an awfully long day... but I'm not gonna think I gotta go to work on Monday!
         Have a nice, cool/warm Sunday.

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