Saturday, July 24, 2010

Splendid Day...

with the girls. We went down town Philly, great adventure for me as a "new" driver in big cities. It was really really really hot, but my new sandals felt so good on my feet!!! The girls made me a surprise... and this was my "bridal shower":). We took lots of pictures (I'll post some when I'll get 'em!), ate at Olive's Garden, and hey! I got my first ticket! That's something. No, I'm not exciting, but I was just thinking yesterday at work what great it was not to get any tickets and I've been driving for more than 1 year. 
       After Philly, we went to the Romanian Baptist Church in Paoli, Pa, there was a youth meeting with the youth from Pa, NJ(me and Jo), NY, Maryland and some other state, I forgot. We had a great time, and God was there with us, He blessed our time together as we worshiped and listened to His word.
   I can say, this day, was a great day!

PS: The picture was taken last year in Real, it's a combination of Walmart and ShopRite. And no, don't look for it in the States, cause the picture was taken in Romania, obviously.
Oh, and by the way... I find it very uncomfortable when people are asking me if I'm coming back. Or when they ask how am I gonna stay separate of my husband. I tell everyone that, whatever God has planned for us, we will do it. I'm not sure what's the next step (after marriage) but I know He's in control and HE takes care of every little thing in our lives, what would I stress about it?

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