Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jesus Rules!

         Why do they having packing rules when you fly somewhere? I think they did this just to piss me off and stress the heck out of me! Oh yeah, little bastards, I got y'all! Just devils with angelic faces and plastic smiles.
      I'm kidding. But, seriously, how in the world am I gonna do it? I pack, unpack, pack again, give mom more clothes/stuff to bring me when she comes... I'd like to say "so far, so good" but not really. This next week will go like crazy, and I already feel tired. At least, one good thing in all this mess: I still weight 138 lbs after every single day of this week I ate home made bread (Romanian style - delicious!), no exercise, no walking, and ate chocolate and drank coke. I thought I went back to my 142lbs, but I guess God wanted me happy today. Motivated. I'm tired and I talk nonsense, so stare at the picture till tomorrow. I promise I love this one!
      Oh, I forgot to mention about the T-shirts. They are a gift from my sister, special for me and Eddie. How nice is that, huh?! I'll miss her and everybody here. Frankie is getting bigger and bigger, Jo says he looks like he's 3 months by now. He's only 1 week and 5 days. I love to give him kisses while he's sleeping in my arms. And I adore the fact that it doesn't bother him to be kissed that much. He seems to enjoy it. Awesome!

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