Sunday, July 4, 2010

Because ...

      I know I usually don't post twice a day, but this morning I was almost late for church. Still, didn't want to miss it.. Anyway, the thing is: last night, I was talking with maDa(the one in the left) and she sent me this picture. My reaction?.. "Wow, we were so happy here!!" The truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, we were happy. We still are. What's the difference then, huh?! - you might ask. Well, the difference is that we grew up. We faced the problems of life. We climbed scary mountains. We won battles. Sometimes we lost. I am happy, and I love every single moment of my life, but sometimes is so easy to start worry. I'll keep this picture next to my sight, so I can always remember how happy I can be.
      ... because life is a gift; and friendship is a butterfly on my shoulder.

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