Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Places!

    This one is from our last trip to my oldest sister, before I left Romania first time. It was in the morning, and we were watching the sun rising. Magic moments.. I cannot keep myself from putting another 2-3 pics from that trip. It was precious. Had a good time and now, looking at these pictures again, I can't help but getting a lil bit wistful.

    I love him here. No more words, what can I say?!..I just love you, Eduard!

   Don't you think we would look good with kids?... Yep, those are three of my sister's kids, the 4th one was just a lil baby back then, and now she's expecting the 5th one. It seems like I have enough nephews and nieces, so for now, no kids for me! (even though, I want one..)

   That's too much information and too many pictures, don't you think?! Got bored?!.. Listen to this: 

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