Monday, August 17, 2009


what i've learned last few days... can run, but the past is always next to you, no matter how far it could seem to be;
2.the world is so small, even if u are at the other end of the world, there is 99% chanses to meet somebody who knows a friend of your old mate's brother's wife and so you can feel like you have a lil piece of 'home' in that strage place; can pretend you're somebody else, but in the end, the truth will come out;
4.those moments when you think you have ur friends closer then ever, but in reality they're just using you, or at least, act like they are using you and you can't get it, no matter how hard you try(ouch, it hurts!);
5.if you're not single anymore, that doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore;
6.just because you feel useless, that doesn't mean that's true;
7.if you think your problems will go away while you're sleeping, you'll be very dissapointed;
8.a shopping day is never too long, too borring, and you didn't buy enough things;
9.when your heart is broken, you can eat chocolate and you'll feel better, or you can cry until u'll fall asleep.when you'll wake up things will be different.or not.

I can't promise you all these works for everybody, but I'm 100% possitve they are for me!.
One day..we won't fight no more and our children will play... day.

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