Tuesday, August 11, 2009

because i miss too many things

Still didn't finish your letter, sweet friend..it's like i don't want to give away that magic..'cuz when i'll finish it, i probably feel lonely again...maybe relieved in the same time..
i decided today to get focused on things that make me happy!...I'll learn to play the guitar, how to sew(not hand sew), i'll practice my roller blading(hope won't break anything again:">)but first of all, I'll go and find a doctor for my knee...and take care of it so i can be more like normal..
Is it me, or ppl have a strange behavior in last days?oohh, don't worry about me, i'll be here with ...me.

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  1. Welcome to For the Love of Letters! :)

    (And The Secret Garden was my favorite movie growing up. I just bought the book!)


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