Saturday, August 29, 2009

New York, babe!!!:d

“…heeeyyy, I’ve been to New York!!!I need two healthy hands to write fast enough to write down ALL my thoughts!..first of all, I LOVE NEW YORK!!no..I ADORE NEW YORK!!!..”(a piece of the message I left to my BFF yesterday when I got home)
    I guess it’s your turn now to find out some thoughts about New York…I wanted to write this entry yesterday, when I was all excited and “fresh” with all the impressions New York left in my person…The thing is: I fell asleep around 8 o’clock(after approximately 1hour and a half after I got home) and I woke up only this morning at 9:45am.
   I started my New York Day at the train station.I was nervous, excited, and happy:it was my first time when I travelled with a long distance train in USA and I was heading to New York!!!!So, once we got there, we followed the crowd up to the heart of Manhattan..up on the streets..As soon as we were on the street, I was amazed…looking up in every direction, I didn’t know which building to admire first..I was in 7th heaven while we were walking down on 38th street to Romanian Consulate.People are so nice and sociable, if you look at them, they smile.:)If you smile, they say “Hi, how are you?”.At least 3 persons asked me what happened to my hand.As I walk on the streets passing hurry people, I forgot I was down there in that immense metropolis where the chances to meet somebody I knew were minimum, and I started to smile.You smile delighted with flowers, stairs, trees, weather, wind, sun, buildings, people.
The city is like a big giant heart that pumps energy through all the streets, like all the noise and the rush, it’s a Red Bull for you!...fills you with energy that never ends:).And wow, the buildings, the people, the music, the sound of the city that never sleeps!..the yellow cabs were everywhere.Just a lifted hand and you’ve had it!..Charming:)The building were huge, looking at them I thought the sky is just one hand away, but in the same time you feel how you’re stunning cause you realize you’re so small and “petite”, and no, not the clouds are flying in the sky, the huge sky-scraper next to you will crumble(the best feeling of all day long).
Still happy(yes, HAPPY!) and surprised of everything’s going on around me and what’s happening to me I turn around for a quick peek and I am speechless!..yes, I’m on BROADWAY..
After not even an hour, I’m walking down the streets all alone, this nice guy asks me what I’ve done with my hand..small-talk at a red light and you’ve got a ‘minute friend’.Though, we still have something in common: we both were for the first time in New York…he, a tanned, ash-blonde hair Californian with some shabby pants, me, a jersey girl(which is a nice one this time..).
Me and Marylena reunited, had lunch at this tinny little noisy restaurant..tuna salad and water is perfect for the whole day..And we go to ‘explore’ the Broadway, sensations, stops, people, cops, horses, singers, live interviews, gigantic advertising spots.We stop on some stairs at Times Square, get some rest(for our feet, we walked all day), we admire the whole spectacle the Broadway shows us.Suddenly, we decide to go to see Central Park.Some giy sends us on 33rd Street..After walking all the way back to 33rd Street, we can find anything in the world(even a Victoria’s Secret)  but Central Park.Well, we couldn’t find it cause Central Park is on 57th Street…:)so we decided to go to the train station and go back to our lives…
So, this was my first adventure in New York..Hope it relates all my happiness and excitement of feeling like HOME in an enormous city where I knew nobody and everybody doesn’t have time .
 I’ll get to know better the New York..
to taste it..
to luxuriate in …slowly, with small pieces…today Manhattan, tomorrow Brooklyn…
Buh-bye, New York..till next time.Hope to come back soon…
And when I think I did all of these after a night of 45 minutes of sleep…I was right when I said New Yorks gives you the energy you need to enjoy every piece of it..of life!


  1. Glad you are enjoying New York. I have never been, but hope to get there soon.

  2. My 13 year old wants me to take her to new york. your post makes me excited. Can you recommend places to stay? Sarah

  3. nu, dar avand in vedere ca sunt persoane interesate de blogul asta si nu stiu romaneste, din respect pt ei, am ales sa scriu in engleza...pentru ca in prezent, oricine stie engleza..dc nu vbeste, cel putin intelege..


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