Monday, August 24, 2009

SIXTY days..

Isn't it great to have the opportunity to live your life with the person you love the most and for whom you would do anything?The one who shares your dreams and thinks you're gorgeous all the time.The one that laughs at your silly jokes, encourages you to do things you like, hugs you with no reason and the one who doesn't need a Valentine's Day to make you feel special and loved.The one who would come half-way around the world just to be with me, the one who can't sleep when I'm not ok, and says "I love you" every 2 minutes without ever getting tired.The one that cheers me up when I have a bad day, and is ready anytime to listen me, the one with the greatest smile in the world and he shares it with me.The one who brighten up my days and the one who would give up everything for me.
The one I like to sit next to, and the one I'm not afraid to be me with.The one that I'm proud of and I can't wait to see, dream of, imagine how our kids will look like.The one I fight for.
Thank you for living your life with me.I LOVE YOU!
60 days...because there are 2 months since we've got engaged.:)

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