Monday, August 31, 2009

Go light your world

I know I started to write weekly “what I’ve learned last few days” and I kinda messed up, I did it once on Monday and once on a Tuesday, but I thought it’s better to do it every Monday, cause it’s like a start, and you can start your week with some things to think about…so…let’s see how was this last week.
what I’ve learned last few days:
1.   1. from time to time, forget about your busy schedule  and do something spontaneous;it might take some courage to do it, but I think it worths..(I’m not talking about doing something dangerous, ok?)
2.   2. take time to read, it’s the enrichment of your soul
3.   3. do not complain when God brings some tough times in your life;He does it because He loves you and He wants to teach you something
4.   4. a day spend with your sister is such a blessing.(I really missed you, sister!)
5.   5. attitude matters!look after the lesson you need to learn, not after all that heavy stuff you can bear no longer
6.   6respect the persons whose call is to be missionaries, encourage them, pray for them, it is not easy, even if you don’t realize it
7.   7pray hard!it’s the best, deadliest weapon we have and we must use it as much as possible
8.   8express yourself.enjoy your lifeJ
9.   9. spending time with new people, means making new friends.
Wait.. I didn’t say I’m done.I said there something that sounds like “enjoy the tough times God lets your life”.You might think I made a mistake but I’m here to tell I you I meant it.And yes, I have the right to say it.Even though ther are lots of people having harder times than mine, I’m not here to judge, I just want to share with you a little bit of my heart.Last night, I was lying in my bed sorounded in the darkness, I started to think how it’ll be today at the doctor…will my wrist be healed and I’ll be ok, or I’ll need to carry another cast for a while?i was wondering, how it must feel to “have my hand back”..And a thought passed thru my mind.The same way I felt without being able to use my hand, must feel God when we walk away from Him and we get hurt…It’s pretty hard to explain the concept, cause I can’t compare me with the almighty God who created everything, including me, but based on what Scripture says that we(the Christians) are the Body of the Christ, I was thinking…what if I am His arm and I’m down, I’m depressed or I’m hurt, He can’t use me anymore and He takes care of me.It’s not that He can’t do anything without me, I mean I can do almost all the things I used to do without my hand but I choose to use it and same it’s you with God:He chooses to use us to show His strength, His power, His mercy and like I will teach my hand again to do some of the stuff I used to do without thinking, He teaches us how to be useful for Him.And today when they took the cast off I was so happy “yaayy I ‘got’ my hand back” He’s happy when we come at Him and we choose to live with Him.
I don’t know how much you understand out of it, but this is in my mind and I know I understood it, I just tried to share it with you…

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