Thursday, August 6, 2009

what is your mistery, life?

There is a weird fact about this summer: extremely rainy.And this is making the days perfect for sleepy days when you're lying in the bed, watching movies and write love letters.Not a chance that would inspire you some responsibility to study something..and i don't really care I?
Life wasn't exactly how i was expected for the las few days...or weeks,I already lost the count...Have you ever felt like this, when everything's the same but it starts to mean anything else for you and so on...And before you can figure out what's going on, everything's out of control and you try to repair some mistakes you did and make a bigger one instead ...So depressing the feeling, like you'll never be the same and you'll never handle it's like you're not able to face it and to take care of problems.and then, because you're desperate, you're looking for smth to take the blame.anything.for me, was the's like a shield where I am protected of all the words that hurt me... oohhh nevermind!..what do you know?
Life is more rainy days than sunny days...what matters is how to travel with the rain and how to make from it an ally, not an enemy.

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