Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dreams, decisions and life...

And here I am..with my cup of coffee untouched and so happy:)...finally, one of super dreams will come true!oohh..can't wait!..And here I am: music turned up loud, dancing and spinning and jumping all over the place!But do not forget, Im a girl so soon all these manifestations of my happiness will be forgotten when I'll freeze like in front of a cop.What should I wear?..oh guys don't know and don't understand(do not try to..) us, girls..We have a really complicated complex way to transform ourselves in some beauty goddesses or pretty princesses(the last one i like the most) after some unwritten rules that every woman knows them and doesn't have the courage to break them.It's weird to see how women all around the world care about their image, how they talk, walk, laugh, even cry...every woman I'm sure spent time in front of the mirror practicing her best smile, her best countenance, her best look...everything.Cause, how would you dare to go out there without being perfect?Women will be happy for your embarrassment  and men will ignore you.And you, asa women, can't let a situation like that to happen.Yes, I might sound like a fashion weirdo but, if you take a second, you're honest with yourself, and look around you a lil bit, you'll see I'm right!I don't say all of these because I am glad is like that, I'm talking about all these because it started to get out of control all these things.I am FOR beauty and elegance and femininity, but what all these things became today is like an unspoken war, something ppl care too much about, and they forget.They forget how to admire a beautiful lady, how to appreciate a nice presence, how to enjoy the date, and all the things that matter just fade away in front of all decisions you have to make BEFORE you even get out of your bed in the morning:what you wear, how you wear, when you wear it, and so on..I'm not telling you, ladies, to stop caring what you wear or how you present yourself to the world, just, try to relax one moment and enjoy the fact of being a woman, a princess.I enjoy fashion, and clothes and shoes and accessories(i'm a woman), but this life is much more than some clothes...
  And now, back to "reality"... I'll go to a church for a presentation(my friend will present her mission trip to Romania from this year), what should I wear??
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  1. Very interesting post. I totally agree with what you are saying. It is very sad how the world, especially the media, tries to corrupt how young girls and women view themselves. They want us to think that we have to be a size zero and look exactly like a model on the cover of a fashion magazine to be accepted - even though we all know those are usually photoshopped! *rolls eyes* It is so skewed from what is truly reality. It is really ridiculous, and sad, actually.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and reading about my illness - THREE times. That means so much to me, you just don't know. Sometimes I feel like my own family does not take that much time to figure it out! I am always VERY thankful to have someone come by my blog, but to have someone show interest in my life...well, that is truly special. Thank you SO very much!

    I look forward to having you visit again. You are welcome anytime!

    Have a blessed day!

    Teresa <><


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