Thursday, August 13, 2009

sunshine over my rainbow.

Yesterday I talked with this person that I call 'a friend'.He said he's probably gonna move to Pa, and for a second I felt like my only true friend from here is leaving's not a strange feeling, it's just strange cuz I didn't think I would care about that person being here or somewhere else on this planet.
Today I had another "half-half" day..not a really tough one, though.First, I finished my project and it was a success, the instructor said I did a great job.I'm still so excited that ...Eddie was funny..we were talking when I saw the grade(100%), I started to jump, dance, scream, hug and kiss the air and after that the pillow...It might be weird for you to see me that excited about school, but i really like what i do's not a secret:)..the other reason for my happiness is the new camera I got..finally:).now I can go visit, my memories will be with me;)..
The bad part of the day was my really annoying extremly painful head ache..Actually, a migraine.It's not completly gone, but I definetly feel better!..:)
That's it for today.I'm tired ...see you guys..

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