Sunday, August 16, 2009

did u eat your happy cookie today?

Yesterday was awesome!We went to Columbus flea market oh my God!...gorgeous!...I have no words...I liked it sooooo much, we found so many things, i didn't really buy too many things, but my sis bought this really super extra cute necklace and a vintage heart I'll put Eddie's picture in it and umm..what else:)...oh yeah, a Crest SpinBrush Pro Clean toothbrush which is A-M-A-Z-E-I-N-G.and..i took some pictures with my camera.I was happy yesterday at shopping...oh...I almost forgot!...the best pizza ever I ate there..same taste with the one from Seaside..
Today was and still is painful.Lately, for some reason i end up messing things instead of helping out others and be there for them when they need me.That hurts and it makes me feel miserable, but I'm not gonna give up trying and trying.Not complaining..
That's enough for now, I gotta get ready for church..yep, I forgot to mention, us(me, my sis and my cousin) decided to go at this Baptist church see how it is.I'll keep u updated ...see you!


  1. I would love to make my own happy cookies happy pills.

  2. yep, you're right!:)happy cookies are time i'll go there i'll try them, i'm sure they taste excelent:)..


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