Saturday, August 22, 2009

911 and help is on the way

Being home all day long it's not the best part of my life, right now, but I found out that I can use all this time in my favor and transform it from "borring three months home" in "those three months when I stayed home b/c of my broken wrist but I had a great time and I did something with it", with this in mind, I decided yesterday to go to Ladies Bible Study at my sister's church.Nice...:)I'll post a picture I really like..(sory for the quality, I'm still trying to figure out how to use it to its best power).So, the decision turned out to be perfect, we had a great time, and even if i was the youngest of them all, I felt blessed:you guys of my age, really have what to learn from the ones who saw more then us how's life...The most, I liked, the ideea with 911..Let me explain:)..So, you have an emergency you call 911 and as soon as you call they know who you are and where to come...the same thing is with Jesus:sometimes we call Him, but we really don't know what to say or how to say it...But He knows.He knows what's your problem and He can fix it.And probably, sometimes, we don't hear Him, but that doesn't mean He's not here to help us.So, talk to Jesus, and wait.It might look an eternity till the ambulance is there, but it only takes few minutes actually.
I realized in the last week I used a lot(too much) the words
not complaining and it's kind of annoying.So I would say they are the ugly word(s) of the week.Because I said them too much and I didn't mean it.I was soooo depressed!!What's the point?..ugh...UGLY WORDS.don't use them..
Another thing to say:I twisted my hand the other night, since then it hurts so bad, but this is not smth exciting for you:)..
Somthing exciting for me: I have couple of pages and I'll finish my 3rd set of lessons.I am happy, thanks God I can do it:).

The repetition of small efforts will accomplish more than the
occasional use of great talents.(Charles H. Spurgeon)

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