Sunday, March 20, 2011

you've got mail...

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          What can be more nice than a stack of old letters from good friends?.. I wish I had my whole stack with me, now. Unfortunately, some I lost, others I threw away, and the few I still have are in Romania. Still, when I think of those sweet letters, I remember of the happiness of getting them. That little piece of paper used to bring a large smile on my face all day when I got it... It reminds me of how every single day I used to go check our mail box, and how I actually stalked the mail man (actually, in our neighborhood was a short cute happy woman). 
Those letters bring to life unforgettable memories, remind me everyday how blessed I am with good friends and their romantic looks urge me to day dreaming.
       how much do you miss to receive one of those old hand written mails?... 

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